Philadelphia 76ers


The Trade That Will Save the Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers ownership would need to agree to absorb nearly $23 million next year for someone who perfectly complements their big three, but hurts their depth and might present some defensive issues in the playoffs.


The Problem with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid in One Play

Philly is still outscoring opponents when the two are on the floor together, but they've still proved to be an awkward fit.


JJ Redick Deserves All-Star Consideration, Don't @ Me

The Philadelphia 76ers guard should be recognized for everything he does on one of the league's better teams.


Markelle Fultz is Why We Should Leave Medical Diagnoses to the Experts

Most people writing and opining about Markelle Fultz's strange start to his NBA career are not doctors. That's a problem.


How Philly is Hiding Ben Simmons's Shooting Woes

Regardless of how physically imposing, rare, and breathtaking Simmons can be, building a championship contender with someone who can’t shoot as a focal point is exceptionally difficult.


Jimmy Butler and The Process Will be Fascinating

Butler getting traded to the the Sixers could be good, or bad, or completely combustible.


The NBA Has No Idea What to Do with Joel Embiid

No longer held back by a minutes restriction or back-to-backs, the world's best center is showing all he's capable of. But how does he fit in a league that's increasingly decided on the perimeter?


Dario Šarić is a National Treasure

In a one-on-one interview with VICE Sports, the 24-year-old cult hero discusses his role on the Croatian national team, LeBron's decision to spurn Philadelphia, how often he thinks about beating the Celtics, and more.


How Dražen Petrović Paved the Way for Dario Šarić

In this episode of THE WAY WE BALL, we examine Dražen Petrović's legacy, and what it's meant for other European players like his countryman, Dario Šarić.


Does...Does Tristan Thompson Think LeBron is Still on the Cavs?

Thompson said the East still goes through Cleveland because they are the four-time conference champions. Who wants to tell him?


NBA Trade Value Rankings!

Instead of ranking players based on talent alone, we factor in age, contracts, injury history, and long-term potential.


LeBron's Decision Jump Starts Kawhi Leonard Bidding War

James told the Cleveland Cavaliers that he will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1st. That's really good news for, of all teams, the San Antonio Spurs.