Philadelphia Eagles


So Many Idiots Believe Chris Long's 2-Year-Old is On Twitter

The Philadelphia Eagles defensive end said that his two-year-old son became upset after *reading* a quote from Chris's brother Kyle, a guard for Chicago Bears, *on Twitter.*


You Aren't Listening to Malcolm Jenkins

The two-time Super Bowl winner is making the most of his platform because as American citizens, we're all accountable for what's going on in our country. It's time to hear him out and take action.


Why Won't Donald Trump Sing All the Words to 'God Bless America'?

Trump's Patriotism Party to Shame Philadelphia featured the President not singing along to a fairly standard song. Could it be that he doesn't know the lyrics?


Philly Dunks on Donald Trump for Canceling Eagles White House Visit

The night before (some) Philadelphia Eagles were set to visit the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory, Donald Trump canceled because they apparently don't support the troops.


Groom Wins Super Bowl Bet with Bride, Gets to Wear Eagles Jersey at Wedding

Jennifer Sullivan was so confident Philly had no chance to beat New England in the Super Bowl that she agreed to let her soon-to-be husband wear an Eagles jersey at the wedding if they pulled it off.


Meek Mill and Philadelphia Show Us the Path Forward to Criminal Justice Reform

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins writes that the recent election of a progressive district attorney in Philadelphia has demonstrated how we can take action against systemic inequities.


I'm from New Jersey and Pork Roll Ice Cream Is an Abomination

And when one of our own fucks up, it's our job to tell them so.


NFL Owners Scared Shitless by Donald Trump's Response to Anthem Protests

Patriots owner Robert Kraft was very concerned about his close friend's "horrible and divisive" words and did not think his "mission" was in the "best interests of America."


Michael Bennett Indicted for Injuring Elderly Security Guard at Super Bowl LI

The Philadelphia Eagles' new defensive end was charged with injury of the elderly for allegedly injuring a paraplegic 66-year-old woman.


Stick to Sports?...Naw, I’m Good

My Eagles teammates and I were active in our community all year, and it didn't stop us from winning the Super Bowl. It's time to stop looking at athletes as one-dimensional. We won't shut up and tackle.


Eagles DE Chris Long Dunks on Fox News Anchor's Shitty Tirade on LeBron

Laura Ingraham basically claimed that LeBron shouldn't talk politics because he's an athlete. Long shoved a bunch of "non-politician" Fox News guests back in her face.