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Danny Garcia Is Ready To Make Some Noise As A Welterweight

Danny Garcia has always let his fists do the talking for him, and it's earned him a WBC belt. To take the next step, he'll need to put on a show.


Don't Throw Stuff at Ryan Howard, Replacing Hunter Pence, and More: This Particular Week in Baseball

The San Francisco Giants need to replace the weirdest player in baseball to stay in the race; they probably shouldn't do it with Carl Crawford, though. Also: gross fans are gross.


Throwback Thursday: One Last Slam for the Philadelphia A's, a Baseball Team That Died

Connie Mack's Philadelphia A's were once one of baseball's great franchises. By the time they finally left Philadelphia, they were a dark lesson in complacency.


Kobe On The Mic: When The Black Mamba Had a Benz And A Backpack

Kobe has lived in public for two decades. So how has his bizarre rap career—which includes collabs with Beyonce, Beanie Sigel, and Tyra Banks—been forgotten?