Philippe Couillard

Elections 2018

What Can We Expect From Quebec's New Right-Wing Government?

François Legault's Coalition Avenir Québec has four years of majority government ahead of it.
Philippe Gohier

This Is How Much Quebec’s Premier Thinks It Costs To Feed a Family

We’re guessing Philippe Couillard hasn’t bought his own groceries in a while.
Manisha Krishnan
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Politicians Denounce Far-Right Group Atalante's Invasion of VICE Office

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it an "alarming" incident.
Billy Eff

Science vs. Politics—The Real Problem with the Premiers’ Climate Summit

The provinces recognized climate change is a problem, which is great. But without any action, that recognition doesn't mean a thing.
Cameron Fenton

Montreal Cops Kettled a Women-Only Anti-Austerity Protest

Protest like a girl: No-men protest ends in tear gas and arrest.
Kate McKenna

Montreal’s Huge Anti-Austerity Protest Lived up to the Hype

It was all good vibes until the tear gas was invited to the party.
Patrick Lejtenyi
Vice Blog

Maple Spring Breakers: Quebec Students Are Back on Strike in a Big Way

Thousands are taking to the streets again, aiming to be part of a larger social movement, not just a student movement.
Nick Rose

Low Oil Prices Are Killing the Fracking Industry, but the Tar Sands Will Be Just Fine (for Now)

The current slump in oil prices could spell the end of North American fracking, and ongoing price volatility might also mean trouble for the more financially stable tar sands.
Tannara Yelland

Quebec Just Shut the Door on Shale Gas Development (For Now)

After years of debate and two environmental studies, Quebec's government has decided not to allow shale oil and gas extraction.
Simon Van Vliet

Quebec's Fight Against Austerity Could Be the Next Maple Spring

On the heels of drastic austerity cuts and preferable treatment of the resource extraction industry, the Quebec Liberals are facing mounting public opposition that suggest a possible pushback similiar in scale to the 2012 so-called "Maple Spring...
Simon Van Vliet