Watch Genius Pigs Use Tools in a Scientific First

We already knew pigs are pretty smart, and now scientists have observed our porcine friends using tools for the first time.


Duterte Promises Cash Prize for Capturing Felons. But He's Also Fine if You Kill Them.

“The one million prize is available to those who can capture them dead or alive. But maybe dead would be a better option. I will pay you smiling."


How 8chan Was Born — and Became the Worst Place on the Internet

“Real life stopped mattering to me,” says founder Fredrick Brennan.


A Bizarre New Species of Mollusk Eats Rocks, Poops Sand, and Shapes Rivers

Lithoredo abatanica, a very weird shipworm found in a river in the Philippines, represents both a new species and genus.


No One Asked, But Duterte Says He Has A Big Dick

Whatever people think when they say “big dick energy,” this ain’t it.


Duterte Calls Women ‘Bitches’ and ‘Crazy’ at Female Empowerment Event

At an event aimed at celebrating women's achievements, President Rodrigo Duterte couldn’t, yet again, hold back on the sexist comments.


The Battle for Legal Medical Marijuana Hits Malaysia

A landmark decision legalizing medical weed in Thailand has some other countries questioning whether they should follow suit.


Duterte just escalated his assault on freedom of speech in the Philippines

“No amount of legal cases, black propaganda, and lies can silence Filipino journalists who continue to hold the line,” said journalist Maria Ressa.


Duterte’s drug war has killed thousands — but he needs weed to “stay awake”

His spokesperson later claimed it was "a joke."


This ‘Docudramedy’ Finds Laughs in the Horror of Climate Change

'When the Storm Fades’ director and stand-up comedian Sean Devlin asks us to take responsibility for the uneven impacts of deadly storms.


Duterte just snitched on himself by admitting to extrajudicial killings

“My only sin is the extrajudicial killings.”