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No One Asked, But Duterte Says He Has A Big Dick

Whatever people think when they say “big dick energy,” this ain’t it.
Lex Celera

Duterte Calls Women ‘Bitches’ and ‘Crazy’ at Female Empowerment Event

At an event aimed at celebrating women's achievements, President Rodrigo Duterte couldn’t, yet again, hold back on the sexist comments.
Edoardo Liotta

The Battle for Legal Medical Marijuana Hits Malaysia

A landmark decision legalizing medical weed in Thailand has some other countries questioning whether they should follow suit.
VICE Staff

This ‘Docudramedy’ Finds Laughs in the Horror of Climate Change

'When the Storm Fades’ director and stand-up comedian Sean Devlin asks us to take responsibility for the uneven impacts of deadly storms.
Abeer Yusuf

Canada Is Still Selling Military Gear to Repressive Regimes

From arming Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the war in Yemen to giving Turkey “riot control agents”—Canadian weapons are everywhere they shouldn’t be.
Ben Makuch
climate change

The Woman Going After Big Energy for the Typhoon That Killed Her Family

Can polluters be held legally responsible for the damage wrought by climate change? We may find out soon.
Geoff Dembicki
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US open to dialogue with North Korea, massive blackout sets Puerto Rico even further back, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

#MeToo dominates the Golden Globes, Kushner company took $30 million from Israeli investor, flooding wreaks havoc at JFK airport, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Senate passes huge tax bill, investigators wonder if Amtrak driver was distracted, Democrats split Virginia House after winning race by one vote, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Doug Jones upsets Roy Moore in Alabama, Tillerson wants a sit-down with North Korea, Turkey calls for recognition of Palestinian capital in Jerusalem, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch This Bizarre Slo-Mo Video of Trump's Asia Trip

Another masterpiece from the White House video team.
Drew Schwartz

Trudeau Apparently Pissed Off Philippines' Duterte With Drug War Criticism

Thousands have been killed in Duterte's anti-drug campaign, including users and dealers.
Allison Tierney