Photo Essay


These Portraits Capture the Stunning Diversity of Queer Cubans

Amid rollbacks of LGBTQ rights in Cuba, Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera is archiving the country's vibrant queer and trans community in photos.


Photos of Romanians Battling the Hottest Summer in Half a Century

August in Romania hasn't been this hot since 1951.


Photos of Economic Devastation and Culture Fade in Northern Ontario

Highway 17 is a graveyard of our past traditions.


Seven Artists Tell Us Why Canadian Electronic Music Rules

Sled Island 2017 acts including Actress, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and DIANA share their past and present favourites.


How to Get Prisoners Talking About Life Before Prison

With his new project, photographer Guido Gazzilli asked inmates to open up emotionally and tell their story through pictures.


Looking Back at a Legendary UK Warehouse Party

Photographer Ben Rayner digs up his pictures from December 2006, including snaps from the first-ever Real Gold party, as well as pics from one of the Klaxons' first major gigs.


​Dicks Out: Photos From a Candlelight Vigil for Harambe the Gorilla

Harambe's dead and so is this meme.


Photos of a Day in the Life of a Real-Life Superhero

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed off two cameras to Citizen Saint, a self-described real-life superhero who patrols the streets of Missouri in costume, looking to help fellow citizens who may be in distress.


The Definitely-Not-Sober Faces of Guests in a Colorado Hostel

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed off two disposable cameras to the desk clerk at the 11th Avenue Hostel in downtown Denver. He snapped photos of a variety of guests, from "extreme stoners" and war veterans, to passers-by looking for a...


The Peculiar Sadness of Going to a Music Festival Alone: A Photo Essay

Going solo to Primavera Sound left me without a source of external validation, except for my Snapchat followers.


Photos Taken While Cold and Alone in Kraków, Poland

Last year, I went to Kraków, Poland to film a documentary about a festival using historic spaces for cutting-edge experimental music. I had recently gone through a breakup, and as a result, I found myself photographing sad-sack scenes.


New York's Pro-Israel Parade Was Rainy, but Anti-Zionists Still Showed Up

Despite heavy rain, New Yorkers still marched up 5th Avenue this past weekend in the Celebrate Israel Parade. Memorable moments included a teacher scolding students for having wet shirts, anti-Zionist protestors, and a old lady flipping off the cops.