With "Harmony Hall" and "2021," Vampire Weekend Are Finally Back

They're the first singles from the long-awaited 'Father of the Bride,' set for an April release.


St. Vincent Will Mercifully Release an LP Called 'MassEducation' This Month

The stripped-back "reimagining" of last year's Jack Antonoff-produced 'Masseduction' is out on October 12. Its first single, a new version of "Savior," is out now.


Young Thug's Remix of Elton John's "Rocket Man" Has Leaked, and It's Perfect

The long-rumored collaboration between two unique, impeccably dressed musicians crept onto the internet last night.


Local Natives’ Kelcey Ayer Debuts His Dark Solo Project Jaws of Love.

Listen to the first single from the songwriter's record 'Close to the Piano,' out September 22.


​Raheem Sterling Hires Teacher to Learn to Play His £10,000 Piano

Gather round children and let me tell you the sad story of Raheem Sterling and the £10,000 piano that could not sing.


Oh Baby, Let's Stream Tobias Jesso Jr.'s 'Goon' a Week Before Its Release

The record is out March 17 via True Panther.


PREMIERE: Experience the Crushing Monotony of Life After a Break Up with St. Lenox's "Bitter Pill"

St. Lenox is your new favorite songwriter who is also a lawyer who is very good at singing songs that make you feel like shit—in a good way!


Jessica & the Jawbreakers in Cat Added Value

At first Jessica and the Jawbreakers despise the mean, ugly cat who shows up at their music rehearsal, but once he starts playing tunes, they fall for the ugly kitty's artistic soul.


Matthew Herbert's "20 Pianos" Features Electronic Modifications of 20 Legendary Keyboards

These aren't your parents pianos, but they are, in one case, John Lennon's.


Exclusive Stream of Grum's 'In Love' EP

The nu-disco hero returns, gets grummy.