• 1.23.18

      Erdogan taunts U.S. over calls to leave Syria: "When will you leave Iraq?"

      “We cannot tolerate the PKK establishing some kind of a state structure along our border in Syria.”

    • 8.18.16

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      US swimmers were detained at the Rio airport for more questioning about an alleged robbery, a car bomb kills three police officers in Turkey, Kanye West announces Life of Pablo pop-up stores, and more.

    • 10.31.14

      Istanbul's Kurdish Riots

      VICE News traveled to Istanbul, where a memorial march for two fighters who died in Kobane devolved into a night of chaos. Amid clouds of police tear gas, we spoke to members of a PKK youth wing as they threw Molotov cocktails and shouted support for...

    • 1.21.14

      Photographs from Rojava: Syria's Unknown War

      On the frontline of the battle between Kurdish fighters and jihadist rebels.

    • 1.23.13

      World Peace Update

      Compared to last week's French air strikes against Islamist rebels in Mali, this week—world violence-wise—has been a bit of a wash out. If it weren't for some pissed off Egyptians, Turks, and the never-ending slaughter in Syria, things would have been...

    • 11.1.12

      World Peace Update

      Humans found a vicious, unsuspecting competitor in fucking the world up this week: Nature, who decided to fart out Hurricane Sandy and hog up all the limelight. So, as Kurds took on the streets of Turkey and shop owners beat up police in Peru, you all...

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