Please Kill Me

    • 12.4.16

      The Oral History of the First Two Times the Beatles Took Acid

      A few months after George John were unexpectedly dosed with LSD, the whole band decided to try psychedelics properly. So they holed up in Zsa Zsa Gabor's house with Peter Fonda and David Crosby to get properly fucked.

    • 11.27.16

      Partying with John Waters in 1970s Provincetown

      This is the story of the summer photographer Nan Goldin and writer/actress Cookie Mueller spent with eccentrics like Philippe Marcade and John Waters.

    • 8.28.16

      Andy Warhol Wanted Lou Reed to Be His 'Mickey Mouse'

      The authors of Please Kill Me talked with Warhol's "boy," Billy Name, a key figure in the 60s art scene who built the Factory, as well as witnessed the rise of Edie Sedgwick, the Velvet Underground's breakup, and the time Warhol was almost...

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    • 11.3.14

      Jello Biafra Talks JonBenét Ramsey and H.R. Giger

      The famed Dead Kennedys' screamer reminisces about the old days of the Ramones, the tabloid frenzy surrounding the brutal murder of JonBenét Ramsey, and hanging out with GWAR and H.R. Giger.

    • 7.10.14

      Getting Stoned with Patti Smith

      In 1977, Patti had fallen off a stage in Tampa and broken her collarbone. Most nights Patti needed someone to keep her company until Allen came home from his gig, and I was enlisted to help out her out, in exchange for a six-pack of beer.

    • 6.6.14

      Jonathan Richman: In Love with the Modern World

      Ernie Brooks' chance encounter with Jonathan Richman led to a wild ride as one of the founding members of the legendary Modern Lovers, perhaps the greatest alt-rock, pre-punk, indie band that no one has ever seen.

    • 4.29.14

      Dirty Water: The Story of the Standells

      Larry Tamblyn is one of the original members of the Standells, a group that recorded what many consider to be the first punk song, “Dirty Water," which is a 1965 ditty about how Boston is a shit hole. In honor of their upcoming spring tour around the...

    • 4.8.14

      Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain Just Dropped Their First Book Since 'Please Kill Me'

      Even if you haven't read Please Kill Me, you've seen its black-and-red ransom-note logo on even the most shallow of bookshelves. Legs and Gillian haven't put out a book together in 18 years, but last week they released Dear Nobody, a...

    • 3.24.14

      Scott Asheton, Iggy Pop's Brother in Noise

      Scott Asheton was the greatest thug-rocker who ever lived. He was the ultimate hoodlum, standing outside of Discount Records in Ann Arbor, Michigan, spitting on cars. He passed away just over a week ago, so I dug up this old conversation, one of the...