A Queer Black Poet's Quest for Liberation

Aziza Barnes​ tells us about her journey to find herself in a country ruled by tired notions of race and gender.
Alexis P. Williams

This Bike Poet Delivers Dreams to Your Doorstep

For $45, Mathias Svalina's Dream Delivery Service will bring you custom-written poems straight from his subconscious.
Blake Butler

One of England's Greatest Poets Talks Mysticism, Spirituality, and Salvation

Aidan Dun tells us about meeting Arthur Rimbaud in a vision and finding inspiration in King's Cross.
Joe Banks

This Writer Created an Alter-Ego to Mock Pretentious Poets

Writer Kate McLeod's alter-ego spends her days sitting at a bus stop in suburban London, reciting terrible poetry to whoever will listen.
Francisco Garcia

Did a Los Angeles Teacher Lose His Job over a Jokey Poem About Underwear?

Daniel Yoo, a popular teacher at Ánimo Venice Charter High School, was suspended last month, and nearly 600 students walked out in protest of what they think is a poetry-related incident.
Mike Pearl

'Sprezzatura' Basically Means You’re Chill But You Give a Shit

Mike Young is a writer of great grace, which is weird because the things he tends to write about are oatmeal muffins, garbage vacuums, robotic butterflies, Ice Cube, and pretty much anything you could find out in the dumpster behind a 7-Eleven in Weed...
Blake Butler
the vice reader

Does American Political Poetry Have a Future?

On any given night there are dozens of poetry events in New York City, and among these younger poets the air is thick with a heightened sociopolitical awareness. It would seem likely that we are brimming over with a new political poetry. Maybe, but not...
Robert Fitterman
A Few Impressions

James Franco Speaks with Frank Bidart About Poetry

Earlier this spring we asked James Franco to interview the poet Frank Bidart for our June fiction issue. Unfortunately, great work is cut from our print magazine every month, and this was one of the things we couldn't fit.
James Franco

Seven Sonnets Read by Webcam Models

Author, poet, and porn enthusiast John Reed got several webcam models to read his sonnets in the outfits and settings in which they’re usually stripping and titillating their viewers. These short videos put both the poems and the webcam models in new...
John Reed