Polaris Music Prize

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Jeremy Dutcher’s Polaris Win Is The Beginning of The “Indigenous Renaissance”

The 2018 Polaris Music Prize caps off another strong year with a diverse shortlist and exciting performances from Partner, Hubert Lenoir and US Girls.
Noisey Canada Staff

Lido Pimienta's Necessary Win Forces the Polaris Prize into a New Age

Fellow revolutionary Tanya Tagaq also gave a transcendent performance and tribute was paid to the late, great Leonard Cohen.
Phil Witmer
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Kaytranada Won the 2016 Polaris Prize, Meaning They Got It Right Again

"“I hope that the next generation are not afraid to do more,” he said. “They can just do whatever they want. They can do it yourself like I did.”
Noisey Staff

Kaytranada Wins 2016 Polaris Music Prize

The Montreal producer's debut album '99.9%' beat out Grimes, Jessy Lanza, Carly Rae Jepsen, and more.
THUMP Canada Staff

People Hating on Tanya Tagaq’s ‘Fuck PETA’ Polaris Speech Are Missing the Point

We interviewed 2014 Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq about why ending her acceptance speech with "Fuck PETA!" shouldn't be the dominant narrative about that night.
Malaya Qaunirq Chapman

Fucked Up: Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts

Toronto's renowned six-piece band opens up about interpersonal relationships, successes, and aging as a band for 13 years.
Max Mertens

We Didn't See This: Godspeed at the Polaris Prize Gala

Picking a Winner in Kanada
Kevin Shea Adams