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Jeremy Dutcher’s Polaris Win Is The Beginning of The “Indigenous Renaissance”

The 2018 Polaris Music Prize caps off another strong year with a diverse shortlist and exciting performances from Partner, Hubert Lenoir and US Girls.
Noisey Canada Staff
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Weaves Get Weird On Their Cover of Arcade Fire's "Neighbourhood #3 (Power's Out)"

For Polaris Prize's Cover Sessions, the band turns the Arcade Fire cut into a jittery banger.
Sarah MacDonald

Weaves Are Renewed Through Fire on 'Wide Open'

The Toronto garage rock band channel an electric creative energy that results in a refined, confident sounding sophomore LP.
Sarah MacDonald

Weaves and Tanya Tagaq "Scream" For You To Love Yourself

The band debuted the track from their forthcoming record at the Polaris Prize gala last night and have a brand new video to go along with it.
Sarah MacDonald
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“It Sounds Like Demons Are Coming Out of Her": A Conversation with Tanya Tagaq

Watch award-winning Canadian author Joseph Boyden talk to the Inuk throat singer about her latest album 'Retribution.'
Max Mertens

Kaytranada Is Winning for Montreal

A few days before his Polaris Prize victory, the 24-year-old Haitian-Canadian producer reflects on his whirlwind year.
Max Mertens

Buffy Sainte-Marie on Winning the Polaris Prize, Viet Cong, and Indigenous Activism

Hot off winning the biggest prize in Canadian music, the long-time activist dispenses advice on how to fight the Man.
James Wilt

People Hating on Tanya Tagaq’s ‘Fuck PETA’ Polaris Speech Are Missing the Point

We interviewed 2014 Polaris Music Prize winner Tanya Tagaq about why ending her acceptance speech with "Fuck PETA!" shouldn't be the dominant narrative about that night.
Malaya Qaunirq Chapman

Tanya Tagaq's Polaris Prize Doesn't Mark A Changing of the Guard

She's experimental, diverse and rooted in activism, but that doesn't mean that Tagaq's win marks the fall of the old guard.
Greg Bouchard

Chatting with the Founder of the Polaris Prize

He thinks Canadian music is just as important as the oil sands or lumber.
Conrad Sweatman