police violence


Stop Turning Overwatch Characters Into Cops

A new skin for Brigitte celebrates police militarization.


I Was Tortured into Giving a False Confession to Chicago Police

"I never knew about cops setting people up until it happened to me."


Police shoot far more people than anyone realized, a VICE News investigation reveals

A VICE News investigation of both fatal and nonfatal police shootings nationwide shows cops shoot more than twice as many people as previously understood.


Trump Said He's 'Seriously Considering' Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The former Arizona sheriff was recently found guilty of contempt of court in connection with his legacy of encouraging racial profiling.


Cop and Husband Charged with Murder for Denny's Chokehold

Video from the incident shows the two pinning down 24-year-old John Hernandez while bystanders scream for them to stop.


Las Vegas Cop Charged After Killing an Unarmed Man with a Chokehold

Kenneth Lopera is the first Metropolitan Police Department cop to be charged with an officer-involved fatality in almost 30 years.


All Victims Should Be ‘Ideal Victims’

A criminologist explains what it takes for black men brutalized by police to get the benefit of the doubt.


Cops Keep Killing Teens in Cars

A Connecticut teen's death in an allegedly stolen vehicle is the second case in as many weeks of a teen getting shot dead in a car.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Cops involved in Alton Sterling's death duck federal charges, dozens killed in ISIS attack on Syrian refugee camp, ​NSA collected millions of phone records last year, and more.


Please Stop Smearing Victims of Police Brutality

The media's tabloid obsession with David Dao's "sordid history" is taking the focus off of our nation's severe problem with police violence.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton says fake news is a dangerous "epidemic," court docs tease Mark Zuckerberg's political ambitions, South Korean parliament votes to impeach President Park Geun-hye, and more.


Malcolm Jenkins Talks To Us About His Visit with Lawmakers Regarding Criminal Justice Reform

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins was one of five NFL players who visited Capitol Hill to discuss police brutality and criminal justice reform this week. He tells VICE Sports what he learned and what his next steps are.