The Virginia Police Officer Who Turned an Immigrant in a Car Accident Over to ICE Is Back on the Job

The county police chief said he was suspended just days earlier.


The LAPD’s Job Ad Ending Up on Breitbart Is Hardly a Mystery

There is probably not any great conspiracy at work here to discredit the LAPD.


Orlando Cop Arrested 2 Grade-Schoolers in One Day, and People Want Answers

Both arrests may have violated the police department’s policy of getting a supervisor’s approval before arresting anyone under 12.


A Black Man Ended Up Handcuffed in His Underwear After His Burglar Alarm Went Off

“I’ve got on drawers! You’ve got to call your supervisor,” Kazeem Oyeneyin said. “This shit is crazy!”


Bernie Sanders Is the First Candidate to Call for Ban on Facial Recognition

The Democratic candidate for president published a criminal justice overhaul plan on Sunday which called, among other things, for a ban on the government use of facial recognition.


Cops Who Led Handcuffed Black Man Down the Street by a Rope Won't Face Investigation

The man's family said he’s been homeless and seeking treatment for mental illness over the past several years.


Cops Teased a Stunt to Ticket People for Good Behavior. It Did Not Go Well

In the same county where Sheriff Joe Arpaio was accused of systematically targeting Latinx people, cops tried to have fun.


The Future of Canadian Policing Is Turning Teachers Into Cops

Police in Canada’s capital are encouraging people to report ‘problematic behavior’ such as skipping school under a controversial policing model that’s been widely adopted across the country.


How the RCMP Dealt With the Media During a Suspected Terror Attack

Police scrambled to control the narrative around Aaron Driver’s death after shooting the terror suspect in 2016, documents show.


Sandra Bland Recorded Her Traffic Stop. Now the Footage Is Out.

Bland was jailed after an encounter with a Texas cop over a minor traffic violation. Three days later she was found hanged in her cell.


Canadian Cops Will Scan Social Media to Predict Who Could Go Missing

Critics say that predictive models will lead to false positives and could disproportionately affect vulnerable communities.


Sheriff says cop who body slammed an 11-year-old was acting within “agency guidelines”

Sheriff claims the student is facing charges for battery on a teacher.