YouTube Is Finally Banning Nazis, Holocaust Denial, and Sandy Hook Truthers

YouTube says it will “remove content denying that well-documented violent events took place.”
Mack Lamoureux

The EPA's Lies About Air Pollution Are Killing Americans

In its latest move to protect industry, the government has ensured that we'll see more deaths from asthma, heart problems and cognitive degeneration.
Ankita Rao

I Was Pulled Off a Bus and Humiliated by US Border Patrol

The author of a viral Twitter thread talks about how his run-in with aggressive law enforcement officers who he says called him an 'illegal.'
Justin Caffier

On Abortion, Trudeau Has Given Religious Groups the Controversy Many Wanted

Conservatives are outraged by the Liberal government’s recent move.
Drew Brown
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Trump Reportedly Asked for More Nukes Because of a Powerpoint Graph

The president was apparently dismayed at the downward trend showing a drop in the stockpile since the late 1960s.
Drew Schwartz

Canadian Universities Aren’t Quite Ready for Death in the 21st Century

While a death becomes news immediately on social media, many schools still treat it like a private matter.
Premila D'Sa
Tracking Trump's Congress

Trump's Tax Fight Could Look a Lot Like the War Over Healthcare

The president's broad framework leaves all the details up to the same Republicans in Congress who failed disastrously over and over again to destroy a law they hate.
Mark Hay
Tracking Trump's Congress

Think the US Healthcare Fight Was a Mess? Wait for Tax Reform

Obamacare repeal isn't 100 percent dead, but Republicans are turning to their next big project: cutting taxes for the rich, big time. Only problem is they can't agree how.
Mark Hay
sunil gulati

US Soccer Makes Policy That Mandates Players "Stand Respectfully" During National Anthem

U.S. Soccer is making a break from other sporting authorities that have largely let players make the decision themselves.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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LIVE: Watch Trump and Justin Trudeau's Joint White House Press Conference

The North American leaders are scheduled to speak to the press at 2 PM EST.
VICE Staff
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Too Many Americans Don't Know 'Obamacare' Is the Same Thing as the Affordable Care Act

A new poll found that a third of people were confused the law had two names, and even more were misinformed about the consequences of a repeal.
Lauren Messman

How You Can Actually Help to Fight Donald Trump's Muslim Ban from Overseas

Beyond signing a badly worded e-petition.
Marianne Eloise and Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff