contentions over the future of portsmouth

What Does The Potential Portsmouth Takeover Say About The Future of Fan Ownership?

With a takeover by former Disney chief executive Michael Eisner in the offing, Portsmouth could be in for some serious investment. Still, for a club already bailed out once by its fans, is any price high enough?
Will Magee
the football pink

Robert ​Prosinecki and the Improbable Portsmouth Years

Robert Prosinečki was so talented that the Championship was simply child's play to him. It is a wonder how this mercurial, overweight, cigarette-puffing 32-year-old even wound up on the south coast – but Fratton Park was a richer place for it.
Greg Kitchin
points mean prizes

Looking Back on Soccer’s Greatest Ever Points Deductions

From the Calciopoli scandal to Portsmouth and Rangers, points deductions usually come with a frisson of anxiety and horror. Here we remember some of the best, and what happened to the teams involved.
Will Magee
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Why Female Trump Fans Don’t Care About the Sexual Assault Allegations

At a New Hampshire Trump rally, the candidate's supporters are way less worried about the women accusing their candidate of misdeeds than they are about Hillary Clinton ending democracy as we know it.
Livia Gershon
the unloved

The Cult: Teddy Sheringham

In the nineties and early noughties, Teddy Sheringham was one of the most effective strikers in the Premier League. Despite all those goals, however, he remains somehow unloved.
Will Magee

A Black Man Died in His Cell Four Months After Being Jailed for Shoplifting From A 7-Eleven

Jamycheal Mitchell of Portsmouth, Virginia, was arrested for stealing $5 worth of goods from a 7-Eleven on April 22. Last Wednesday he was found dead in his cell.
Allie Conti

In Defense of the Isle of Wight

Stereotyped as inbred and backwards, "the Island" might be crappy, but it's a difficult bubble to leave.
Hannah Ewens

Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: Some women got upset because they were fined for dropping trash on the floor, and a kid got suspended for taking a toy gun to school.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete