The Musicians Who Knew We'll Be Cyborgs Soon

How late-70s and early-80s electronic pop from Kraftwerk, Devo, and Young Marble Giants warned us of our post-human future.
Joe Bucciero

Joel Eel's Eclectic Techno Debut Explores Growing Up Korean-Canadian

How cultural guilt and family expectations informed the Toronto producer's new album 'Very Good Person.'
Sofia Luu
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Toronto Noisemongers Odonis Odonis Embrace the Darkness With “Vanta Black”

Hear the industrial electro stomper from the band's forthcoming third album 'Post-Plague.'
Benjamin Boles
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Danger Mouse Posts Unreleased Demo of The Rapture's “Every Little Thing”

Hear an outtake from the New York post-punk band’s 2006 sessions with the producer.
Benjamin Boles

Remembering Scotland's Forgotten Post-Punk Bands

Grant McPhee is the man behind 'The Sound of Young Scotland,' a film exploring Scotland's music scene in the 1970s.
Oliver Lunn
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Check Out This Slow-Burning Disco Remix Of Fatima Al Qadiri Collaborators Nova Heart

The all-female post-punk trio from Beijing get a lush spin from French synth pop group Juveniles.
Alexander Iadarola
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VICE Exclusive: Check Out Unsung 80s Post-Punk Heroes the Mothmen with Their New Reissue

Everybody from Liars to Battles to Deerhoof and the Dirty Projectors owe a great debt to the Mothmen's interlocking riffs and rhythms, whether they know it or not.
Charlie Ambler
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VICE Exclusive: Listen to Tom Diabo's Haunting Acoustic Demos

German musician Tom Diabo died in 1986 at the age of 30, after battling brain cancer for seven years. Decades later, his music is finally receiving the wide release it deserves.
Charlie Ambler
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Alejandro Paz's Brawny Chilean Techno Will Make You Party Harder

Stream the techno don's 'Váyanse' EP on Sanfuentes, with ​Mijo and Sanfuentes remixes on the flip.
Huw Oliver

Kim Gordon Is a Badass Feminist Rock Goddess

The former Sonic Youth cofounder, frontwoman, and bassist on her bestselling new memoir, <i>Girl in a Band,</i> writing songs about Karen Carpenter and the <i>Sports Illustrated</i> Swimsuit Issue, and LL Cool J's surprising favorite rock band.
Elissa Schappell

Desire Records: Post-Punk, Techno and Dream Pop From Paris

The label that couldn't care less about genres.
Robert Perry
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Maestro's 'Thriller Killer' Vid is a Creepy Love Tale Set to Post-Punk House

Nothin' like a bit of heartbreak-inspired arson to start your week!
Jemayel Khawaja