Predict Your Rave Future With These Clubbing Horoscopes

What nightlife misadventures are in store for you this June?
Austin Gebbia (AKA Dear Morni)
NBA Finals

From Cavs in Six to Yankees in Four, Here Are VICE's NBA Finals Picks

With the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers set to square off in a third-straight championship series, we offer a few thoughts on what may happen.
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Biscuits Hockey Podcast Episode 23: PLAYOFF PREVIEW

Dave and Sean break down each first round series, make their predictions, and fill out their awards ballots.
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Here's Everything That's Going to Happen in Club Culture in 2017

Spoiler: it'll involve club closures, Carl Cox's autobiography, and the biggest all-you-can-eat buffet imaginable.
Josh Baines & Angus Harrison

Looking Back on Our Predictions for 2016

We reviewed our bright-eyed hopes and dreams for the year to see if any of them came true.
Joe Bish
math: how does it work?

NBA Team's Simulation Predicts 2016-17 Warriors Will Win 83 Games, Undo Reality

One team predicted the Warriors will win 83 games next year, which is pretty impressive for an 82-game season.
Joseph Flynn
the ledger

Super Rugby Round 14: A Grand Final Rematch and a Jonah Lomu Throwback

The Lineout's incredible run of predicting winners in the Super Rugby continued last weekend. Will our eerie accuracy extend through this round? Let's find out together.
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The VICE Guide to Making 2016 Better Than 2015

Why Gaming in 2016 Will Be Better Than Gaming in 2015

From triple-A studios finally cracking contemporary consoles to the continued rise of professional play, it's going to be a big 12 months.
Mike Diver

Why 2016 Is About to Be a Nightmare for Us All

Floods, mass shootings, and right-wing nationalism are all things we can look forward to in the next 12 months.
Mike Pearl

5 Reasons We're Excited for Canadian Electronic Music in 2016

Here's some of the artists, producers, and cities that we think will make headlines.
Max Mertens
VICE vs Video games

2000’s Cyberpunk Adventure ‘Deus Ex’ Really Did See the Future Coming

We speak to the game's writer, Sheldon Pacotti, about the way the game predicted trends in AI and surveillance.
Liam Butler
Here Be Dragons

How Did Everyone Get the UK Election So Wrong?

The public, the media, and the pollsters all talked themselves into believing a lie.
Martin Robbins