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Security Hilariously Avoid Tackling Ben Mendy When they Realize He's Not Pitch Invader

After Manchester City took Liverpool 2-1 in one of the most exciting matches of the season, Ben Mendy took to the field to celebrate with his teammates and stewards didn't realize he was a player until it was almost too late.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Row Z

The Premier League's Weirdest Player Is the Christmas Hero We All Need

An ode to Callum Paterson, Cardiff City's moustachioed wiggling weirdo.
Hydall Codeen

All Hail Ryan Fraser, the 'Wee Man' Breathing Life into the Premier League

In an opening month that has failed to raise the blood, Bournemouth's nippy winger is the only thing keeping our hearts beating.
Hydall Codeen

Wayne Rooney Caps Hat Trick With Screaming Half-Field Golazo

And the newly signed manager Sam Allardyce watched on from the crowd.
Liam Daniel Pierce
premier league

Mourinho the Magnificent: This Weekend in the Premier League

Football has been happening again, and I'm delighted to announce that Jose Mourinho is up to his old tricks.
Will Magee

Decline of the Hard Lad: This Weekend in the Premier League

Crystal Palace finally scored a goal!
Will Magee

These Guys Played 'Premier League Manager 99' for a Thousand Seasons

In August of 2017, N.R. and L.C. finally finished the game, having reached the year 3000.
Francesco Sarchi
the transfer window

The Semi-Definitive Guide To Transfer Window Cliches

From ‘swoops’ and ‘raids’ to summer war chests, here’s a concise summary of all the bollocks football fans will have to hear this transfer window.
Will Magee
dirk kuyt

Five Years and One Eredivisie Title Later, Liverpool Fans Still Love Dirk Kuyt

Despite a fairly average goal tally and only one major trophy in six years of service, Dirk Kuyt is a character who resonates with Liverpool fans and, vice versa, seems to appreciate the Scouse way of life.
Will Magee
Spittle Red Riding Hood

The Cult: El Hadji Diouf

One of the most widely disliked players of his generation, El Hadji Diouf was as much a source of morbid fascination as he was one of football’s ultimate figures of hate.
Will Magee
genius savant

The Cult: Andrey Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin was on another plane of thought to his teammates, but lost the ability to express his genius. How exactly that happened, nobody seems to know.
Will Magee
in conversation with tony fernandes

Tony Fernandes on Football Fandom and Attempting To Build The New QPR

Despite QPR’s up and down showings under his tenure, Tony Fernandes is one of the more popular owners in English football. We spoke to him about the mistakes of the past and his new vision for the club.
Will Magee