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Eric Andre Isn’t as Confident as You Think He Is

With 'The Eric Andre Show’ making its Canadian debut, we spoke to Eric about the relationship between fear and comedy.
Noel Ransome
The Emmy's

Watch VICE's Emmy-Nominated Documentaries for Free Online Now

All four of our nominated shows from 'VICE' on HBO and VICELAND will be available for free until August 29.
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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Won't Fill Out Bracket for NCAA Tournament

Another Obama tradition goes the way of the dodo.
Sean Newell

A Lawyer for Chelsea Manning Explains What's Next After Her Life-Saving Commutation

Chase Strangio, an ACLU attorney who has worked for years to secure Manning's access to gender-affirming treatments and measures while imprisoned, tells us what last Tuesday's news meant for him and for her, and what's next.
Tyler Trykowski
Donald Trump

I Watched Trump’s Inauguration From Inside Toronto’s Trump Tower, Very Sad!

There’s nothing more surreal than being inside a hotel branded by the President of the United States.
Jake Kivanc
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Read Obama's Thank You Note to America

"You made me a better President, and you made me a better man."
Lauren Messman

​Cubs Give President Obama Lifetime Pass to Wrigley, Say He's Not Allowed to Scalp It

Good for the Cubs that, as champions, they finally got to a chance to visit a sitting president more recent than Teddy Roosevelt.
Dave Brown
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Chelsea Manning Is Reportedly on Obama's Shortlist for Commutation

The military whistleblower hopes that the outgoing president will grant her freedom before he leaves office in nine days.
Lauren Messman
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Get Ready for Obama's Farewell Address by Revisiting His First Major Speech

Back in 2004, Obama debuted his public-speaking chops and introduced himself to the nation with the Democratic National Convention keynote speech. It feels like a long, long time ago.
Lauren Messman

Chelsea Manning's Final Plea to Be Seen

On the heels of a last appeal to President Obama for clemency, Manning tells Broadly about her struggle for visibility and justice.
Diane Tourjee
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Obama sanctions Russian intelligence agencies over election hacking

Alex Thompson
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Obama Will Hit the 'Daily Show' for His Last Late-Night Stop as President

The interview will be Obama's first conversation with Trevor Noah since the comedian took over for Jon Stewart.
Lauren Messman