Pride Toronto


What It’s Like to ‘Come Out’ as Evangelical in the Queer Community

“I’m really tired of the Christian fundamentalist right co-opting the entire Christian community.”
Mica Lemiski
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Coco Supreme Wants to Create Safer Dancefloors For Everybody

Get to know the rising Toronto DJ with an exclusive mix featuring ballroom remixes, R&B, and 'The Powerpuff Girls.'
Melissa Vincent
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Pride Toronto Apologizes To Black Lives Matter Toronto For ‘History of Anti-Blackness’

But BLMTO says it wants to see action.
Manisha Krishnan
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Pride Toronto Director Who Snubbed Black Lives Matter Has Resigned

Mathieu Chantelois made some super controversial moves during this year's parade, and now says it's "time for me to move."
Sarah Berman

Black Lives Matter Protest Raises Uncomfortable Questions About Pride’s Identity

A former volunteer quit saying Pride's backpedaling on BLMTO's demands is a 'shame.'
Manisha Krishnan

We Talked to 'Orange is the New Black' Star Samira Wiley About Orlando and Black Lives Matter

The series star gets emotional about pride in the wake of Orlando and life after Orange. She also tried Canada's most controversial cocktail.
Amil Niazi
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Christian Zealots Dressed Up as 'Gay Zombies' at Toronto Pride

Sad bug-eyed homophobes just want to give you photos of genital warts, apparently.
Sarah Berman

Toronto Pride Says It Didn't Agree to Exclude Cops From Future Parades

Black Lives Matters put a list of demands to Pride organizers Sunday, including that cops be barred from future parades.
Manisha Krishnan

After Orlando: What It’s Like To Be Queer and Muslim in Canada

It's been a week since the attack at Pulse nightclub. A week where my mom asked me not to go to Pride events in Toronto this year.
Samira Mohyeddin

How Toronto's Most Popular Queer Hip-Hop and Dancehall Party Started in a Hostel

Ahead of its seventh anniversary, an oral history of inclusive, "straight-friendly" bash Yes Yes Y'all.
Nino Brown & Golshan Abdmoulaie

Twenty Something Years Later, DJ Colette and DJ Heather Are Still The Leading Ladies of House

The genre-bending Chicagoan duo take a breather from their North America tour to check-in with THUMP.
Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis
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Fifty Shades of Sydney Blu at Pride Toronto 2015

Church Street was treated to the kind of show that happens once in a Blu moon.
Elif Rey