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Roundtable on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Begins and Feds Actually Show Up

"There's been so much societal indifference and that is really painful for family members to endure," says organizer Audrey Huntley.


The Head of the NSA Is on a Charm Offensive

Admiral Michael Rogers took his apology tour to Canada in order to repair relations with the citizenry it spied on.


The Conservatives’ Anti-Terror Bill Has Hit Its First Speedbump

Despite efforts to race the bill through Parliament, the NDP have succeeded in tripping up C-51.


NDP Vows to Fight Anti-Terror Bill as Conservatives Limit Debate

While Thomas Mulcair promises to go to the mat, Justin Trudeau sits on the sidelines.


Canada’s Supreme Court Has Legalized Assisted Suicide

Until this morning, physician-assisted suicide was a criminal offence in Canada and could result in criminal prosecution for any person who "aids or abets a person to commit suicide."


Amid ISIS and Ukraine Crises, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Just Quit

Some are speculating it's because of a rift between Baird and the prime minister himself.


Canada’s New Anti-Terror Bill Is Everything You Hoped It Wasn’t

Beefed-up spy powers, infringing on online free speech, government agencies sharing your personal information. You know, all the good stuff.


Canada's Government Is Getting Cozy with Egypt's Increasingly Repressive Regime

Ottawa has stepped up its support for the Egyptian military regime by openly endorsing a crackdown on political opponents and increasing security ties to the forces carrying it out.


Here’s the Harper Government’s Game Plan for the Next Four Months

Security, justice, and a (hopefully) balanced budget are all on Harper's to-do list.


Canadian Foreign Minister Hoping to Meet with Egyptian President to Try and Free Mohamed Fahmy

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is holding a second round of meetings to try and liberate Canadian al-Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy.


2015 Is Canada’s Year of the Spy

Job shakeups show that Stephen Harper is looking to focus on security and intelligence in the new year.


As America Doubles Down on Climate Targets, Canada Stays Quiet

Can you hear the awkward silence? That's the sound of government not releasing an annual report on Canada's carbon emission trends amid news that America and China have both made ambitious commitments to curb climate change.