prison reform

prison reform

The Prison System Is a Nightmare, but Not for the Reasons You Think

How it's become an agency of social control.
Seth Ferranti
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Welcome to 2018: President Donald Trump Just Met with Kim Kardashian

We know it's all very confusing. Please allow us to explain.
Drew Schwartz

More British Prisoners Have Been Filming Themselves Taking Drugs

A cheeky line and a bit of Clubland TV, uploaded for the world to see.
Joe Bish

Inmates Explain How They'd Run Prisons

A new report on how Texas prisons can improve is unique: It was written solely by prisoners.
Maurice Chammah
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New York City Is Finally Done Sending Teens to Solitary

Punitive segregation—a.k.a. solitary confinement—is history for all inmates 21 or younger in America's largest city.
River Donaghey

How Prisoners Exaggerate and Bullshit About What They'll Do On the Outside

"Inmates tend to have many fruitless conversations. The average, hour-long prison conversation is like this: I lie for 20 minutes, you lie for 20 minutes, and for 20 minutes we discuss each other's lies."
Seth Ferranti

Inmates in the UK Can't Agree Whether the Proposal to Let Them Out to Work Is a Good Idea

We talked to current prisoners about the new proposal which would see some inmates released on a tag to do their weekday jobs before returning to prison for the weekend.

What Do Imprisoned Drug Dealers Think About the UK's New Business-Friendly Prison Reforms?

Is every inmate a potential entrepreneur?
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US Senators Have Finally Reached a Deal to Overhaul the Criminal Justice System

The bill would start to roll back the harsh federal sentencing laws that have helped fill America's prisons.
Drew Millard
America Incarcerated

Why Solitary Confinement in America Needs to Finally Stop

Now that solitary is on the national radar, systemic problems with "the hole" are being laid bare for all to see.
Lauren Lee White
The Prison Issue

Fixing the System: An Interview with President Obama on Prison Reform

VICE accompanied President Obama to a federal prison in Oklahoma to film a special episode about the US criminal justice system for our show on HBO. Read an excerpt from a sit-down interview conducted during the visit.
Shane Smith

How the British Prison System Fails Female Criminals

Subjecting nonviolent women to the penal torment and social stigma of prison does a hell of a lot more harm than good—for both the inmates and their children.
Maya Oppenheim