Prison System


All the Terrible Things You See and Learn as a Guard in a Private Prison

Journalist Shane Bauer worked undercover in a Louisiana prison for four months. What he discovered was shocking.


Ex-Prisoners Tell Us The Worst Person They've Had To Share A Cell With

"I told him J.R.R. Tolkien didn't invent elves, he told me to close the door. I knew he wanted to fight."


'Black Power Hour' Leads the Fight for Prisoners on the East Coast

A radio show co-hosted by activist El Jones is a lifeline for inmates.


I Got My Car Fixed in a Polish Prison

Warsaw's Rakowiecka Prison doesn't advertise—since it's one of the best car repair centers in the city, word of mouth is enough to keep the inmates busy.


We Talked To Filmmaker Brett Story About The Broken Prison System

The Prison in Twelve Landscapes goes behind the scenes of life in prison


Watch Killer Mike Speak on Gun Control, Wall Street, and Criminal Justice Reform

"I'm more afraid of Wall Street banks than I am guns."


What It's Like to Have a Parent in Prison

A new report released last week in the UK examines how families are treated by prison staff and how intimidating these visits can be for them.


The Myth of the Lone Wolf

Prison might be more influential than we'd like to admit in creating "lone wolf" terrorists.


How the British Prison System Fails Female Criminals

Subjecting nonviolent women to the penal torment and social stigma of prison does a hell of a lot more harm than good—for both the inmates and their children.


Saving the Environment with Criminals from Bucharest

Since 2007, Romania's courts have been giving criminals a choice between prison and disassembling electronics in warehouses.


Does the US Prison System Expose Transgender Prisoners to Rape?

Last Friday, a district court judge ruled that a former transgender prisoner who was raped had no right to sue Orange County, Florida, for showing deliberate indifference to her safety.