He Was Sentenced to Only Two Days in Jail, a Lawsuit Says. Three Months Later, He Killed Himself in His Cell.

Robert Wayne Johnson's wife is suing a Mississippi county, saying he was held past his release date and not provided with mental healthcare.


Pregnant Woman Says Her Baby Died After Prison Guards Stopped at Starbucks on the Way to the Hospital

Three women are suing the Orange County jail for substandard care while they were pregnant.


The U.S. Isn't Counting Prison Suicides Even Though the Law Requires It

Jeffrey Epstein's suicide shined a light on a problem in the prison system: no one is keeping track of suicide deaths on a national basis.


Why We Must End Strip Searches In Canada’s Prisons for Women

Forcing women to remove their clothes and perform humiliating actions should be understood as state-sanctioned sexual assault.


How the World's Prisons Look From Within

Photographer Jan Banning takes us into the prisons of Uganda, France, the US and Colombia.


Nunavut denies access to prisoners in notorious jail

The Baffin Correctional Centre refused a VICE News request after a reporter passed “unauthorized material” to an inmate — a print out of an VICE News article about the jail.


Liberals propose “entirely different” approach to solitary confinement in federal jails

It would increase access to rehab programs and meaningful human contact in Canadian prisons.


Prisoners held in solitary speak out about notorious Iqaluit jail

"I feel like an animal," said one. But the Nunavut government defends its use of segregation.


At least 650 inmates in South Carolina could be stranded when Hurricane Florence hits

“Previously, it’s been safer to stay in place with the inmates rather than move to another location," the South Carolina Department of Corrections told VICE News.


Prison reform bill could force Trump to choose between Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions

Prison reform is one of Trump's son-in-law's pet causes. Jeff Sessions has spent a career opposing it.


Meek Mill Gives Optimistic Interview to NBC

Meek to Lester Holt: "I think God put me in this position to be able to [...] open up eyes for other young black men."


Pamela Anderson Wants Australia's Female Inmates to Go Vegan

"Providing vegan food honours one of the driving principles of yoga — ahimsa, doing no harm."