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The Long, Strange History of Psychotropic Drugs in America

From insane asylums to Lithium and Prozac to a future that may be increasingly about mushrooms and LSD.
Seth Ferranti

This Neuroscientist Wants Researchers to Study More Female Brains

Most non-human test subjects are male. Aarthi Gobinath wants to change that.
Michael Ruffolo

Why the 'Happiness Hormone' Serotonin May Actually Make You Scared

The science of happiness is getting complicated.
Mike Pearl

What It's Like to Have a Suicidal Best Friend

The frustration that accompanies being friends with someone with mental illness has nothing to do with the friend herself. I am frustrated that her medications don't work, the doctors can't seem to help her, and neither can I.
Catherine Pears
so sad today

Started from the Psych Meds Now I’m Fucked

The first week I stopped taking Effexor I spun out into an anxiety hole so deep that it felt less like anxiety and more like I was in a battle with actual demons.
So Sad Today
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Why I'll Never Stop Taking Prozac

I've tried to come off Prozac in the past, but felt awful when I did. Does that make me an addict? I've given up worrying—as a depressive, life is livable on them. That's all that matters.
Simon Hattenstone

I Used Ketamine to Treat My Depression

"After my first treatment, I felt good for a week. Not the kind of bipolar 'good' where I'd be manic. I felt normal for the first time in a long time."
Brent Miles as told to Troy Farah