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Everything we could find out about Canada’s secret spy database

We obtained the paper trail for Canada’s secret spy database, which collected metadata on innocent Canadians


Canada’s national security consultations get negative reviews from just about everyone

From stakeholders to the public, nobody seems happy with the government’s approach to national security overhaul


The RCMP have gotten permission to use this cellphone tracking technology

VICE News has learned that the federal police now have the go-ahead to use IMSI catchers in Canada


Journalist faces 10 years in jail for violating an injunction to report on Labrador dam

Justin Brake was reporting on the controversial Muskrat Falls dam


The Canadian government developed software to monitor your social media for threats

It can even interpret the “emotion” behind a post


Canada defends a law that would give U.S. border agents more power on Canadian soil

The Canadian government defended a law immigration lawyers say gives American customs officials too much power to question, search, and detain travellers on Canadian soil.


Canada’s anti-radicalization centre will also focus on right-wing extremism

Ottawa says new centre will focus on "all kinds" of radicalization, including right-wing extremism


It's Still Pretty Easy to Break into Airports in America

An investigation by the Associated Press uncovered five instances where intruders actually made it onto airplanes.


Why Do Bangladeshi Writers Keep Getting Murdered?

Bangladesh has never been an especially safe place for opposition writers, but things have begun spiraling out of control over the last two years.


Does New York Need a Public Terrorist Registry?

Forget a repeat sex offender—you may have an Islamic State sympathizer living nearby!


A DEA Agent Tried to Stop Medical Weed from Coming to Utah By Saying Bunnies Will Get Stoned

Cranky law enforcement types are running out of arguments against weed.


The 'Charlie' Hebdo' Attacks Showed When We Need Cops

We should salute cops when they do their jobs, but law enforcement heroism can't be used to delay police reform.