Far-Right Extremism

Quebec Neo-Fascists are Teaching School Kids About Vikings

Members of the neo-fascist group Atalante Quebec are giving re-enactment workshops to schools in the province.
Simon Coutu
2 days ago
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Warrant Issued For ‘Zeiger’, Canada’s Most Infamous Neo-Nazi

Zeiger, real-name Gabriel Sohier Chaput, helped move the far-right even further into the extremes.
Mack Lamoureux
5 days ago

We Asked Weed Dealers What They Think About Cannabis Legalization

Now that weed is legal, cannabis dealers tell us about their fears and expectations about the future of their job.
Billy Eff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Quebec’s Incoming Premier Defends Banning Religious Symbols But Leaving Crucifix Up

At this point, François Legault is just giving away the game.
Mack Lamoureux

Quebec’s New Government Will Raise the Legal Age of Weed to 21

Here’s why that’s a bad idea.
Mackenzie Lad
Views My Own

Canada Needs to Lose Its Bizarre, Terrible, Regrettable Notwithstanding Clause

The rarely-used constitutional clause allows governments to opt out of court decisions. Many have long argued it was a disaster waiting to happen.
Matthew Hays
Elections 2018

What Can We Expect From Quebec's New Right-Wing Government?

François Legault's Coalition Avenir Québec has four years of majority government ahead of it.
Philippe Gohier

All the Canadian School Programs You Can Take Instead of Business

From making cabinets to just reading books that are good, you can pay for it all because capitalism.
Sierra Bein

This Is How Much Quebec’s Premier Thinks It Costs To Feed a Family

We’re guessing Philippe Couillard hasn’t bought his own groceries in a while.
Manisha Krishnan

Signs Are Going Up Reminding You Not to Bring Your Weed into the United States

In case you forgot, your cannabis could get you banned for life.
Sierra Bein

The Future Of Elections Is Fighting Over Who We Can Call Racist

A now-infamous heckler has set the stage for an all-out culture war in 2019.
Drew Brown

The Story of Canada’s Infamous Helicopter-Hijacking Bank Robber

Rory Shayne was born to do three things: rob banks, escape prison and cause chaos wherever he went. He also tried to kill a judge with a gun he hid in his rectum.
Nick Rose