Don’t Look Like Cheech and Chong at the Border, Government Advises Canadians

What does that even mean?
Manisha Krishnan
5 days ago

The White Nationalist Heir Who Rejected His Dad's Vile Bigotry

Practically anyone can be convinced their hateful ideology is wrong—even if they were born and bred to evangelize it.
Allie Conti
5 days ago
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Racists Are Peddling Fake Nike Coupons for 'People of Color'

Apparently we've now reached the "racist 4Chan scam" phase of the controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick's new ad.
Drew Schwartz
TIFF 2018

‘The Hate U Give’ Underscores the Dangers of Code Switching

People of colour need to stop sanctioning the bullshit white folks do and say.
Noel Ransome

Serena Williams Can't Force the Racism Out of Tennis

Saturday's US Open upset is a reminder that the sport is still not welcoming to women of colour.
Jagger Blaec

‘Random Acts of Flyness’ Nails the Horror Show of My Black Mind

Why this HBO show is the most daring thing on TV right now.
Noel Ransome
Views My Own

The White Nationalists in the Trump Administration Aren't There by Accident

Given what the president says and does, it's no surprise that some of his underlings have links to outright white nationalists.
Harry Cheadle

DeRay McKesson Explains What White People Still Don't Get About Racism

The activist talked to us about his new book, Ferguson, and how white supremacy hurts the country.
Seth Ferranti

The Future Of Elections Is Fighting Over Who We Can Call Racist

A now-infamous heckler has set the stage for an all-out culture war in 2019.
Drew Brown

Most Republicans Think a 'Good' President Could Say the N-Word: Poll

And 31 percent of them figure Trump "definitely" or "probably" has said the word while in office.
Eve Peyser

Saskatchewan Needs to Confront Its Violent Racists

After an arson attempt at a ‘Justice for Our Stolen Children’ camp, Premier Scott Moe has failed to take a stand against hate.
Chase Ruttig
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This New York Politician Says Making Racist 911 Calls Should Be a Hate Crime

Jesse Hamilton announced a new bill after a woman called the cops on him for campaigning in his own neighbourhood.
Nicole Clark