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Watch the Trailer for 'Rainbow,' a New Documentary About Kesha

The behind-the-scenes documentary celebrating the one year anniversary of 'Rainbow - The Film' will be released August 10.
Kristin Corry

The Psychedelic Connection Between Kacey Musgraves and Frank Ocean

On 'Golden Hour' and 'Blonde,' their masterpieces, the two artists find new colors and new worlds, a step to the side of our reality.
Alex Robert Ross
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Kacey Musgraves's 'Golden Hour' Is an Acid-Soaked Country-Pop Masterpiece

The country singer-songwriter's third album, streaming right now, is all full of wonder and love and LSD-induced bliss.
Alex Robert Ross
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Kesha's Grammy Performance Was the Night's Most Moving Moment

Kesha performed her single "Praying" in an emotional tribute to the #MeToo campaign for change.
Noisey Staff
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Kesha Is Back With 'Rainbow' and She Played "Praying" on 'Fallon' Last Night

Watch that, then listen to her collaborate with Dolly Parton on her first album in five years.
Alex Robert Ross
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Here's "Hymn," Another Powerful New Kesha Song

"I hope this is one of those songs that will find and connect with people who feel like outcasts," she said in a new letter.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Kesha Is Anthemic and Free on New Single, "Learn to Let Go"

It's the latest single from the singer's forthcoming third studio LP, 'Rainbow,' out August 11.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Kesha Makes a Triumphant Return with "Praying"

Despite immense legal difficulty and personal turmoil, Kesha is finally reborn on her new single.
Lauren O'Neill

Photos of Love and Hope from the Stonewall Vigil for Orlando Victims

On Sunday people gathered at America's most famous LGBT gathering place to show solidarity in the face of tragedy.
Ryan Duffin and Kaz Senju
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13 Reasons Why Black Sabbath is the Most Important Band That Ever Lived

Ahead of tonight's sold-out Madison Square Garden show tonight, let's remember the many reasons why Sabbath is still the best.
Nathan Carson

The Top 20 K-pop Songs of 2015

Although it was a stellar year for the album, K-pop's greatest strength still lies in the individual song. And boy were there bangers.
Jakob Dorof

Ritchie Blackmore and Candace Night Appease Rainbow and Deep Purple Fans While Following Their Medieval Muse

"Music is so sacred to me that I can’t hear wishy-washy nonsense just played for the sake of selling records."
Nancy Dunham