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A Public Official Was Allegedly Ousted for Being Too Obsessed With Tupac

What, a 66-year-old high-level state employee can't send Tupac-related emails to 4,300 colleagues and bring 'Thug Life' cookies to his birthday?
Taylor Hosking
Objectively Correct Lists

An Entirely Serious Investigation: Which Group of Non-Rappers, Rap the Best?

Love Island contestants? Actors? Basketball players? We put them to the test.
Alex Ekong

#MoreLife, More Americans Have to Wake Up to a Rap Culture That's Not Just Theirs

The continued refusal to understand British rap culture is as ignorant as the initial criticism of American rap being an inferior form of music.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey Show

Preaching the Party Gospel: A Day in London with Rae Sremmurd

'People criticise us and say we always happy, but why we gotta rap about 'momma couldn't pay the bills,' and shit?'
Joe Bish

What Childish Gambino's Glo-Up Means to Other Black Nerds

He showed how you can go from outsider to award-winning auteur in five years.
Yemi Abiade
New York State of Mind

Mobbing in London with Kirk Knight

Photographer Verena Stefanie Grotto caught up with the Pro Era-affiliated rapper/producer in London as he goofed off around the city.
Verena Stefanie Grotto
Los Angeles

Vince Staples Tweeting About the WNBA Finals Is the Reason We Love Sports and Vince Staples

Vince Staples tweeting about the WNBA in the middle of the baseball playoffs and the Thursday night NFL game reminded us about what makes sports great.
Jorge Arangure Jr.

Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' Is Only Getting Better

Episode four of the brilliant new show featured an ethnically ambiguous internet troll and the odyssey-like struggle of being poor.
Mensah Demary

VICE Sports Q&A: Konnan on His Rap Career, Master P, and Racism in Wrestling

We sat down with Konnan to talk about his near big break in rap with one of its most famous southern moguls, teaming in the ring with another one, as well as the other music heroes he met in and through the squared circle.
Damian Abraham

Meet Jalal Nuriddin, the Forgotten Grandfather of Rap Who Inspired Everyone from Beastie Boys to Nas

His 1973 album, Hustlers Convention, sold badly, but has since been heralded as the genesis of rap music. It's untold story is the subject of a new documentary.
Holy Shit

Beef Alert: Neil deGrasse Tyson's Nephew Just Destroyed B.o.B with Science Raps Over "Back to Back"

It's goin flaaaat to fact.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Run the Jewels Ripped Up Colbert's Late Show Last Night With TV on the Radio as Their Backing Band

The two groups performed together on 'The Late Show with Colbert.'
Noisey Staff