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Alt-J Bring PUSHA-T and Twin Shadow in for a New "In Cold Blood" on 'Colbert'

The unlikely supergroup got together to play a new version of Alt-J's 'Relaxer' single on 'The Late Show.'
Alex Robert Ross
Future Days

Is Kid Rock an Alien Spy?

What is a word like “BAWITADABAWBADANGADANGDIGGYDIGGY” if not a message to one’s extraterrestrial overlords?
Drew Millard
In Memoriam

Chester Bennington and Linkin Park Made It OK to Be Weird

The singer and his band provided an eternal soundtrack for frustration, anger, and loneliness.
Kim Kelly
Future Days

Rap Rock Is Actually Awesome and We Have Public Enemy to Thank for It

Last week, Public Enemy released their 14th album as a free download. We trace the group's impact, from 90s grunge to nü-metal and everything in between.
Drew Millard
New music

"Bills" by Grandson Is the Craziest New Direction for Toronto's Rock and Rap

A thrill ride of oddball genre fusions with a real message.
Phil Witmer

Grandson's "Things Change" Dares to Be Rap-Metal and It's Actually Pretty Good

You've never heard any Toronto rap sound like this before.
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Travie McCoy, the Gym Class Heroes Dude, Get Mercilessly Mocked by SNL's Vanessa Bayer

"Do you feel like Limp Bizkit paved the way for you guys?"
Eric Sundermann
Objectively Correct Lists

The Five Types of Dudes Who Still Listen to Rap-Rock

Meet your favorites including the Alt-Hick, the Misanthrope, the Stunted Cali Bro, and the Eerily Quiet Huge Guy Who Might Rip Someone's Face Off, Chimp-Style.
Lindsey Leonard