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5 days ago

Shocking: Buying Homes Based on 'Wellness' Is Only a Trend for Rich People

The real estate market has caught on to the neat trick of selling people things based on vaguely defined "health" benefits.


WeWork Is Imploding. More Co-Working Spaces Could Be Next

An expert says former CEO Adam Neumann’s vision for WeWork could not be executed because it was based on an old-fashioned, cut-throat industry.


We Found Some of the Cheapest Houses in North America

Houses for under $400K in Toronto and Vancouver. A home with no toilet in Montreal. Mysterious houses in Los Angeles and Brooklyn that just won’t sell.


We Found Out the Story Behind That Terrifying Hell House in Australia

The otherwise ordinary five-bedroom mansion is filled with terrifying dolls, Satanic masks, and at least one potentially haunted clown.


People Are Moving to Smaller Cities in Search of Affordable Houses That Don't Exist

Millennials are stuck renting in places they would never have chosen if not for the dream of owning a home.


Only the Rich Can Afford Average Homes in Toronto and Vancouver

Nevermind buying a house—you have to make $94K to get an average condo in Vancouver, $75K in Toronto.


Netflix's ‘Selling Sunset’ Reminds Me Why I Love Shows About Nothing

It’s like ‘The Hills’ but with real-estate porn.


Here's What Kind of House $500,000 Gets You Across Canada

Spoiler alert: pretty tight quarters if you’re in Vancouver and Toronto.


This Home Has Five Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, and [Squints] a Sex Dungeon?

Great house if you have a family. Or want to make one.


A Mob Associate, Who Survived Many Previous Shootings, Killed in Montreal

Tony Magi lived life on the edge, even by Montreal’s organized crime standards. He was shot in the head and killed Thursday morning.


Why the Hell Is This Subdivision Still Named 'Swastika Acres'?

After more than a century, it looks like city officials are finally going to change it.


Canada Keeps Making It Harder For Millennials to Get Into the Housing Market

Today’s Bank of Canada rate hike is just the latest thing pushing young Canadians further from home ownership.