Alex Ovechkin Can Break Wayne Gretzky's All-Time Goal-Scoring Record

The Washington Capitals superstar is showing no signs of slowing down, giving himself a real shot to eclipse Gretzky's seemingly untouchable record.
Brandon Maron
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Hey Record Nerds: High Definition Vinyl Is Gonna Be a Thing Very Soon

Hold on to your extremely good quality headphones!!!!
Lauren O'Neill
The 2017 Music Issue

Behind the Cover of Our 2017 Music Issue

New York photographer Darin Mickey provided us with a bit of existentialism.
Darin Mickey

Why Does Anyone Actually, Really, Truly Care About Record Store Day?

What is it about the event that gets people totally mad?
Josh Baines
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Learn About the Roots of Colombian Accordion Music with the Help of Quantic’s Globe-Trotting Record Collection

Following the release of 'Curao,' Will Holland invited us into his loft to chat about growing up on Goldie, British jazz, and cultural appropriation.
David Garber

How Discogs Dragged Record Collecting Into the 21st Century

A rare interview with the core team at the beloved music cataloguing database and marketplace.
David Garber
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Mister Saturday Night's Justin Carter Gets Back to His Choir Singer Roots

Ahead of the release of his debut solo album 'The Leaves Fall,' we take a trip through the famed DJ's record collection.
David Garber
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Go Record Shopping with Floating Points in a New Episode of 'What's in My Bag?'

The London musician picks out work by artists including Ornette Coleman, Fumaça Preta, and Charles Earland.
Alexander Iadarola
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Soul Clap Take a Tour Through the 10,000 Records in Their Childhood Basement

During Thanksgiving weekend, the Brooklyn-based duo return home to Boston to chat about their sophomore album, decades-long DJ career, and friendship.
Jesse Weiss
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How to Sell Your Old Vinyl and Not Get Screwed

Your old records may not be worth as much as you'd hoped, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cash in on the vinyl resurgence.
Eduardo Cepeda
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Flip Through Jeff Buckley's Extensive (and Very Good) Record Collection

Get a better portrait of the artist through his hundreds of albums.
Noisey Staff

Five Super Obscure Disco Records Made Expensive by Big Name DJs

Caribou drops a James Brown edit in his Essential Mix and all of a sudden you're remortgaging the house.
Nick Thompson