Reefer Madness


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From cannabis beer to margarita-flavoured THC tonics, weed companies are betting big on beverages.


These Cops Are Sorry for Telling Students ‘Doobies Make Boobies’

“We’re pretty sure getting high does not cause enhanced mammary growth in men,” York Regional Police tweeted.


This Conservative Politician Said Weed Is Just As Deadly as Fentanyl

Former journalist and Tory MP Peter Kent told VICE kids will be “just as dead” from weed-related accidents as from using fentanyl.


These Politicians Are Spreading New ‘Reefer Madness’ Myths

Quebec’s Public Health Minister thinks weed is laced with fentanyl and is scared her grandchildren will start eating cannabis plants.


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The wildest things said during Canada’s pot debate, from Orwell to little Johnny’s weed toaster


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The increasing prevalence of marijuana in American culture has been unstoppable—but people have tried to stop it anyway.


‘Weed’ and ‘Stoner’ Might Be Derogatory Terms Now

Some marijuana activists suggest the language used by most people to describe their movement is keeping them from being taken seriously.


Quit Freaking Out About Drugs: Flakka Edition

When police are warning of a dangerous drug sweeping the nation, be skeptical.


A DEA Agent Tried to Stop Medical Weed from Coming to Utah By Saying Bunnies Will Get Stoned

Cranky law enforcement types are running out of arguments against weed.


The Canadian Government’s New Anti-Weed Ad Is Tone Deaf and Dumb

The Canadian government has a new ad campaign targeted at boomers with the stern message: if your teenager smokes weed, their brain will melt.