This New York Town Celebrates the Time Brits Burned It Down

Photographer Juan Madrid documented the colonial reenactment festivities of the Burning of Kingston.
Juan Madrid
VICE Does America

What I Learned as a Black Man Traveling Through the Terrifying Heart of America

As I traveled the nation for VICE, I saw some Americans yearning for a time that had long since passed, a time that they barely understood, a time that was defined by white supremacy.
Wilbert L. Cooper

We Watched Devout Christians Crucify Jesus Near a Sports Retailer in London

The reenactment of the crucifixion looked a little different from the one that happened in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago.
Hani Richter

It's Like Vietnam All Over Again

The Vietnam War has typically been forbidden territory for war reenactors, but reenactment groups around the country have begun collecting their rice hats and period-appropriate M16s for pretend skirmishes with fake Viet Cong.
Thomas Morton

It's Like Vietnam All Over Again

Thomas Morton embeds with the Virginia-Carolina Military History Association as they embark on their first tour of Vietnam… in North Carolina. In part two, we witness the degrading interrogation of a captured Vietnamese soldier that gets a little too...
Thomas Morton

It's Like Vietnam All Over Again - Part 1

Over the last 50 years war reenactment has gone from something guys at the Elks Club did on the weekend to get away from their wives to a full-blown obsession among history buffs with enough free time to make the experience as true to life as possible...
VICE Staff