Taking College Classes in Prison Helped Me Forget I Wasn't Free

It’s sad, but I knew I would go to prison before I would go to college.


Donald Trump’s Drug Czar Is Very High on Forced Rehab

The man expected to run the Office of National Drug Control Policy is really into "hospital-slash-prison" drug rehab. The only problem is a lack of evidence it works.


Read These Brilliant Short Stories by Texas Prison Inmates

Fiction from 'Pen-City Writers,' a literary journal made and written by the incarcerated that's giving prisoners healing, hope, and a voice.


Vince Li, Who Beheaded and Ate Another Man on Bus, Set Free

In 2008, Vince Li killed, decapitated Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus traveling from Edmonton to Winnipeg.


Canada’s Private Drug Rehab Industry Is Unregulated Chaos

In most parts of the country, anyone can open a drug rehab clinic, even if they don't have medical credentials, and make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of it.


On Our New Documentary About Rob Ford's Sobriety Coach

A note about the final edit.


Rob Ford's Sobriety Coach: Inside the Manic Life and Work of Bob Marier

While Alcoholics Anonymous is the most well-known method of recovery for addicts, unconventional recovery coaches like Bob Marier have split from the pack to work inside of a non-religious, non-Anonymous, much more controversial space.


Do Veterans Struggling with Addiction Require Specialized Treatment?

Alcohol abuse has been a problem in the military for centuries. Tom Harrison House in Liverpool says it's the only charity running a residential rehab program exclusively for veterans with addiction problems.


The Low-Grade Heroin Ravaging Serbia's Roma Underclass

Called "pajdo," the drug is cheap and plentiful, but destroys the bodies of users who are already suffering under the crushing weight of poverty and racism.


Guam Will Allow Some Sex Offenders to Walk Free if They Agree to Chemical Castration

Critics see the Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Act as a showy reaction to rape statistics.


BC Jail Rehabilitates Violent Offenders Using Prison Theatre

"Just that first time they get the applause is quite profound. It's the first time they've been acknowledged in a positive way."


Rehabilitation, Spies, and Goals at Uganda's Lone Maximum Security Prison

Uganda's only maximum security prison, Luzira, holds a sophisticated prison soccer tournament known not only for its top-notch talent, but the remarkable part it plays in the country's low recidivism rate.