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Abortion in New Zealand and How We Got Here

Untangling the criminal history of abortions in New Zealand shows our laws have long been out of step with society.
Laetitia Laubscher

BC Just Announced Free Access to the Abortion Pill

British Columbia is the latest of six provinces to offer Mifegymiso at no cost.
Sarah Berman

A Legal War in Arkansas Threatens Abortion Rights Everywhere

A series of court battles over onerous reproductive rights restrictions in one conservative state could help right-wing activists challenge 'Roe v. Wade.'
Rachel M. Cohen
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Trump Just Made It Easier for States to Target Planned Parenthood

The president reversed an Obama-era rule that said states can't defund family planning clinics just because they also provide abortions.
Drew Schwartz

Arkansas Is Fixated on Abortions No One Is Having

Despite rampant sexism in America, my home state seems to believe there's only one threat to women and girls: mothers who want to abort them.
Monica Potts
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An Iowa Congressman Is Bringing a Six-Week Nationwide Abortion Ban to the House

Republican Steve King rallied around his so-called heartbeat bill on Tuesday, which could effectively ban abortion in the US.
Catherine Pears

Trans Teens and Adults Still Face Unanswered Questions About Fertility

Doctors still don't know exactly how hormone therapy affects egg or sperm production.
Keren Landman
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Texas Abortion Clinics Have to Bury or Cremate Fetuses Now

The new rules will also require abortion providers to foot the cost, which is sometimes thousands of dollars per case.
Lauren Messman

Portraits of Women on Strike Against Poland's Ban on Abortion

Women from all over the country skipped work or school and went on a general strike to oppose the complete ban on abortion.
Karol Grygoruk

How Europeans Are Protesting Their Countries' Harsh Anti-Abortion Laws

In Poland, terminations are about to be made illegal in almost all circumstances. We met the protestors taking a stand in London this weekend.
Mary McGill; photos by Jake Lewis
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Satan Is Pro-Choice, So Is Jex Blackmore

Satanic Temple spokeswoman Jex Blackmore engages in what she calls "political theater," much of which focuses on abortion access.
Callie Beusman
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The President of Planned Parenthood Opens Up About Fighting for Reproductive Rights

Cecile Richards is no stranger to the violence, intimidation, and legislation that has threatened the women's rights movement. We talked with her about her efforts to provide affordable health care.
Vera Papisova