Ex-ESPN President John Skipper Says He Quit Over a Cocaine Extortion Plot

"They threatened me, and I understood immediately that threat put me and my family at risk."


Omarosa Resigned from Whatever White House Job She Had

The surprise announcement came after 'The Apprentice' star was reportedly escorted by security off the White House grounds.


Just For Laughs Founder Resigns Amidst Sexual Assault Allegations

Nine women say he either sexually assaulted or harassed them.


Tensions High at Toronto College as Prof Resigns Over Racist Joke

A senior fellow at Massey College was forced to resign after joking about college’s head being a black student’s ‘master.’


The timeline of Flynn’s resignation raises all kinds of red flags for the White House

It’s unclear what happens to General Michael Flynn, the now ex-National Security Adviser, but the timeline on how we got to his resignation raises all kinds of red flags for the White House.


A Massive Protest Brought Down Romania’s Government Tuesday Night

Romania's Prime Minister and Bucharest's Mayor have resigned as a result of a 25,000-person protest calling for better safety standards after a nightclub fire killed 32 and injured 134 people.


Amid ISIS and Ukraine Crises, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Just Quit

Some are speculating it's because of a rift between Baird and the prime minister himself.


Why I Feel Sorry for the Pope Who Hung Up On God

Benedict is alone. He is an ex-Pope. He has ceased to pope. He is hanging up the pointy hat. He is turning over the keys to the golf buggy to a younger guy. From now on, when he tells young Africans that the best way to protect themselves from AIDS is...