The Unbearable Stress of Being in a Community Under Attack

The life-altering, stressful impacts of ICE raids and shooting massacres don’t end with the events themselves. So how are people attempting to cope under constant threat?
Minerva Canto
Scramble for the Arctic

Canada welcomes China’s plan to build a “Polar Silk Road” in the Arctic

Climate change means new access to resources and shipping routes as analysts downplay risk of geopolitical confrontation
Chris Arsenault
Indigenous Affairs

Government knew about fire safety risk on this reserve but didn’t act until after fire: sources

Documents show Indigenous Affairs knew about shortfalls in fire safety in the Mushuau Innu First Nation two months before a fire burned two kids
Hilary Beaumont
Northern mining

Canada's north has some of the world’s “most charitable” royalty rules for mining firms

“There’s no reason why everybody there shouldn’t be living like they live in Dubai”
Ashley Renders
climate change

How Climate Change Could Turn Canada into a Global Superpower

A gigantic supply of freshwater, an ice-free Arctic Ocean and an agricultural “sweet spot” temperature could be the envy of scorched and unlivable countries like the US.
Geoff Dembicki
Canadian mining

Mining companies forced to become more transparent

New data showing how much companies like Barrick Gold give back to countries they mine in is now available online
Ashley Renders

The Feminist Porn Website Helping Sexual Assault Survivors Reclaim Their Bodies

How do you get your sex life back when sex has been used as a weapon against you?
Amelia Abraham

How Art Helps My Students in New Orleans Deal with Their PTSD

What do you when you're teaching five-year-olds who have been through severe trauma? One thing that helps, it turns out, is handing them a set of pastels.
Sophie Lucindo Johnson