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Charlottesville Organizer Initially Approved for Another Rally in DC

The so-called "white civil rights" rally is going to be held on the anniversary of "Unite the Right," too.
Allie Conti
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White Nationalist Matthew Heimbach Is Going to Jail

The far-right activist was accused of violating his probation after a trailer park brawl.
Allie Conti
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Richard Spencer's Credit Card Was Apparently Declined for a $4.25 Drink

A bar owner in the alt-right leader's hometown posted the receipt on Facebook, asking him to "please refrain from visiting our establishment in the future."
Allie Conti
The Evolving Face of Hate

The Alt-Right Is a Subculture Without a Culture

In everything from fashion to comedy, racists are disguising and spreading their hateful ideas.
Allie Conti
The Evolving Face of Hate

Too Many Atheists Are Veering Dangerously Toward the Alt-Right

And atheists can't afford to be quiet about it.
Chris Stedman
Hate Island

The Neo-Nazi Home of the UK Alt-Right

The London Forum is expanding its shadowy network of racist meet-ups.
James Poulter
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From the Inside, the White Nationalist Movement Looks Like a Total Mess

A journalist who spent seven years embedded with the American far-right talks about how to get under their skin.
Allie Conti

This Is What Europe's Largest Nationalist March Looks Like

Sixty-thousand people marched through Poland's capital city in one of Europe's biggest nationalist demonstrations.
Paweł Mączewski
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The Black Bloc: Inside America’s Hard Left

VICE met members of Philadelphia's Antifa movement to learn more about their tactics before they went out to a local Trump rally.
VICE Staff
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The Other Richard Spencer Would Like You to Please Stop Yelling at Him

This is what it's like to share a name with a notorious asshole.
Luke Winkie
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

CIA says North Korea nearly capable of nuclear attack, protesters shut down Richard Spencer at his own rally, Senate passes Republican budget plan, and more.
VICE Staff

Richard Spencer's White Nationalist Mess Is Coming to Florida

Some University of Florida students are terrified of the alt-right firebrand's first campus speech since Heather Heyer's death in Charlottesville.
Francisco Alvarado