Rio 2016


Ryan Lochte Gets Year Suspension After Posting Photo of Unsanctioned IV Use

The gold medal Olympic swimmer, known for doing stupid shit—surprise—did some stupid shit again.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Brazilian Court Clears Ryan Lochte of All Charges for Rio 2016 Incident

An appellate court concluded that Lochte did not lie to authorities, but rather to NBC, and therefore did not commit a crime of false communication.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Gold Medal Runner Blames Smooch Fest With Girlfriend for Drug Test Failure

"Frequently and passionately" kissing your girlfriend could exonerate you from a failed drug test. Who knew?
Liam Daniel Pierce

IOC to Rio 2016: We Will Not Help Pay Your Olympic Debt

At this week's IOC Executive Board meeting, the Rio 2016 committee asked the IOC to help settle approximately $28 million in outstanding debt. The IOC, despite receiving $4 billion in TV rights for the Games, refused.
Aaron Gordon

Ryan Lochte Says Ban Was Too Harsh, and Other Dumb Stuff

In new comments on the Rio scandal, Lochte said, "Whether you want to call it extortion or we had to give them money to pay for the sign that got knocked down is your call."
Liam Daniel Pierce
Rio 2016

Even Rio's Olympic Medals Have Fallen Apart

Are you surprised?
Liam Daniel Pierce
rio de janeiro

Rio 2016's "Legacy" Gets Even Worse: Does Anyone Need Used Cables?

Heavily used for three weeks, neglected by owners, otherwise fine.
Aaron Gordon
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French Investigation Suspects Corruption in Rio 2016 Bid, Implicates Chair of 2024 Bid Committee

Once again, everything is completely fine in the Olympic movement. Nothing to see here.
Aaron Gordon

How a 1978 Law Means America Will Never Have a Russia-Style Doping Scandal: Throwback Thursday

Is the difference between Russian and American sporting culture as stark as 'they're willing to cheat, and we're not'? Or is simply the case that we cheat differently?
Aaron Gordon
rio de janeiro

The Rio Olympics' Unintended Legacy: Citizen Journalism

Groups like Papo Reto have made it easier for foreign journalists to highlight the many issues in Rio. The foreign coverage, in turn, gives the groups legitimacy in Brazilian media that they've never had before.
Aaron Gordon
the future of the olympics

Could Unifying the Olympics and Paralympics Reignite Interest in Hosting the Games?

Something needs to change if more cities are to consider bidding to host the Olympics. Could consolidating them into a truly unified Games with the Paralympics be the answer?
Barney Cullum
chwarae teg jade

From North Wales To Rio: Talking Taekwondo With Olympian Jade Jones

Having become the UK’s first taekwondo gold medallist at London 2012 before winning once again at Rio, we chat to Jade Jones about her groundbreaking role in British martial arts.
Will Magee