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A 'Beer Suicide' Is the Perfect Drink if You Want Everyone at the Bar to Hate You

A beer suicide is a mixture of all the drafts together in one glass. Sometimes it's dark, sometimes it's fruity, but it's always weird as hell.
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Apparently Trump's Wall Will Be Funded by Taxpayers and Reimbursed by Mexico Later

It's all "for the sake of speed," according to Trump's recent tweet.
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Transcripts Reveal Weird Comments from 'Skin Man' Donald Trump

"She needs some serious fucking dermatology," the Republican presidential nominee said of one contestant on his TV show.
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My Lunch with the 'God of Story'

We caught up with screenwriting guru Robert McKee, whose new book, 'Dialogue,' proves he should be required reading for storytellers of any kind.
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Living Like a Founding Father Left Me Drunk and Covered in Leeches

The Founding Fathers may have dreamed up the greatest democracy since Ancient Greece, but they also drank constantly and smelled like trash.
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I Lived on Trump Products for a Week to See if It Would Make Me Great Again

For five days, everything I ate, drank, wore, read, and watched had Donald Trump's name or face on them.
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I Got Drunk and Joined Guatemala’s Wasted Horse Race

​​Every year, the Mayan villagers in Todos Santos throw a wild, week-long rager ending in a drunken—sometimes deadly—horse race.
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I Got Drunk and Cheated Death in a Ceremonial Horse Race

For a week each year, the Mayan villagers of Todos Santos, Guatemala, get wasted and race horses during their Skach Koyl festival. Sometimes people fall, sometimes people die. I decided to join them.
River Donaghey
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A Catholic Priest Snorted Cocaine Surrounded by Nazi Memorabilia While on Camera

The 37-year old priest said that he collects "historical stuff" and doesn't have a drug problem: "It was just the one night and that was it."
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Donald Trump Is Beefing with the Pope Now

Pope Francis said that Trump's plan for a Great Wall of Mexico was "not Christian," so the Donald called him a "pawn."
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Watch a Funny or Die Trump Biopic Starring Johnny Depp

The fake 80s TV movie of the week is narrated by Ron Howard, has a theme song by Kenny Loggins, and is glorious.
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Bernie Sanders Hung Out with President Obama at the White House Wednesday

It's the first time the lefty favourite and the president have gone face-to-face in the Oval Office the Vermont senator's big surge in the polls.
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