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This Toronto Mom Freaking Out at a Driver Is the Most Real Thing We've Ever Seen

Go off, Mom.
Manisha Krishnan
true crime

A Teen’s Murder Inspired a Bill to End Road-Rage Shootings in Pennsylvania

The proposed law comes after the tragic death of 18-year-old Bianca Roberson and conviction of David Desper.
Jennifer Mascia
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Let's Break Down the Cast of Characters from This Bonkers Road Rage Video

Surely the most insane news you missed over the long weekend.
River Donaghey
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Man Went Around Shooting Female Drivers He Thought Were 'Incompetent,' Cops Say

Nicholas D'Agostino told a local news channel he shot at the women in self-defense.
Allie Conti
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Man Who Pooped on Driver in Fit of Road Rage Shares Wildly Unnecessary Details

"I had to drop it... He just got me worked up."
Drew Schwartz
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Mobster Implicated in 'Goodfellas' Heist Going to Prison for Road Rage

After being acquitted of murder and theft, 82-year-old Vincent Asaro was given an eight-year prison sentence for setting fire to the car of a driver who cut him off.
Lauren Messman
Desus & Mero

This Bicyclist Waged War on a Vespa with Roman Candles

VICELAND's Desus and Mero unpack a video of an Italian biker losing his nerve and going after a motorist who cut him off.
Sarah Bellman

Angry Old Man Runs Over Dude With His SUV, Is Caught on Tape, Pleads Guilty

The 69-year-old New Brunswicker went viral last week after a video surfaced of him running a man over.
Jake Kivanc

A Calgary Mother Was Beaten with a Hockey Stick and Nearly Run Over in a Road Rage Attack

Her husband says the attackers tried to hit his wife with their car while she took photos of their licence plate.
Manisha Krishnan

This Vancouver-Area Road Rage Video Has a Very Embarrassing Soundtrack

Just a trio of dudes slapping each other to "That's My Girl."
Manisha Krishnan
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Man Gets 20 Years in Prison for Shooting at George Zimmerman's Car

Matthew Apperson claimed he was acting in self-defense when he pulled a gun on the notorious former neighborhood watchman during a road rage incident last year.
Lauren Messman
Will Smith

Report: Will Smith's Blood Alcohol Level Was Three Times the Legal Limit Night He Was Killed

Sean Newell