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How Alleged Serial Killer Bruce McArthur Compares to Other Infamous Murderers

Experts weighed in on what burial patterns and alleged sexual relationships tell us about McArthur.
Manisha Krishnan

How Cops Botch Serial Killer Investigations

We spoke to a Robert Pickton investigator about police bias when marginalized people go missing.
Manisha Krishnan

Police Warn Against Serial Killer Theories After Teen's Body Found on BC Farm

Search continues on farm in an area where five women have gone missing in the last 20 months.
Mack Lamoureux
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Is Police Culture Set Up to Fail Canadian Sex Workers?

Even in Vancouver, where sex work is “not an enforcement priority,” sex assault charges against a high-profile anti-exploitation detective show little has changed.
Sarah Berman

BC Restaurant Under Fire for Drink Named After Canada's Worst Serial Killer

Robert "Willie" Pickton was suspected of killing nearly 50 women before he was caught. Yet a wings joint thought he deserved a shooter named after him.
Hilary Beaumont

Serial Killer Robert Pickton Released a Book From Prison Proclaiming His Innocence and It’s Totally Legal

The writing, from the worst serial killer in Canadian history, is pretty shit.
Manisha Krishnan

Authorities' Mistakes Didn’t Stop After Serial Killer Robert Pickton’s Jailing

Stephanie Lane's remains were found on Robert Pickton's farm and her family is still being punished for it.
Jane Gerster

27 Years of Silence: The Family of Missing Alberta Aboriginal Woman Is Still Searching for Answers

Neither Carol nor Marilyn wants to claim that police would have handled Roberta's disappearance differently if she'd been white.But the women share a single view of how police handle cases involving indigenous persons.
Jane Gerster

Will the Federal Election Improve Sex-Work Laws?

Justin Trudeau has led the Liberal Party in a decidedly women-friendly direction. If they're elected next year, sex-work regulations might finally see some real progress.
Sarah Ratchford

An Allegory of Canada for 2014: Rinelle Harper, Nicki Minaj, and Italian Art History

Rinelle Harper survived a brutal attack still brave enough to call for an inquiry into the disappearance and murder of indigenous women. Stephen Harper says it's not a priority. Shawon Kinew looks at Italian art and a possible artistic allegory for the...
Shawon K. Kinew

A String of Sex Workers Have Died Mysteriously in One B.C. Neighbourhood

A string of unexplained sex worker deaths in the same New Westminster, B.C. apartment building continues to shake the region's sex worker community, amidst outrage that drug toxicology reports for the women are still unavailable a full month after the...
David P. Ball

B.C.'s Law Enforcement Ignored a Serial Killer

The RCMP and Vancouver's Police Department ignored numerous warnings that Robert Pickton was a serial killer that was targeting Canadian women.
Ben Makuch