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William Barr Doesn’t Care About His Critics Because Ultimately "Everyone Dies"

The attorney general finds comfort in nihilism.
Tim Marcin
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House Democrats already want to go after Trump for firing Sessions

“Given his record of threats to undermine & weaken the Russia investigation, Matthew Whitaker should recuse himself from any involvement in Mueller’s investigation."
Emma Ockerman
russia investigation

The Supreme Court could make it easier for Trump to fire Mueller

Rod Rosenstein's next-in-line is asking the Supreme Court to make a ruling that would make it easier to fire a judge — or the special counsel.
Christina Sterbenz
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“Fire Rosenstein” is the new far-right attack on Mueller's investigation

A full-on blitz from right-wing pundits, politicians, and Sean Hannity.
Taylor Dolven
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Mueller has been investigating Paul Manafort for collusion for months, memo reveals

Trump's campaign manager has already been charged with a slew of financial crimes, including money laundering and tax fraud, as a result of the Russia probe.
Taylor Dolven

9 Iranians charged in massive hacking of U.S. universities and businesses

A years-long hacking mission led by a group of Iranians penetrated computer systems at hundreds of U.S. universities, companies, and federal organizations.
Taylor Dolven
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The Secret Anti-FBI 'Nunes Memo' Is Setting DC on Fire

It looks increasingly like Robert Mueller's boss could be next on the chopping block. This is bad.
Matt Taylor
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Exclusive: China won't arrest two fentanyl kingpins wanted by U.S.

Speaking exclusively to VICE News, Chinese officials say the U.S. hasn't provided "solid evidence" of a crime
Keegan Hamilton

The DEA probably can’t arrest the Chinese drug kingpins it just indicted

Keegan Hamilton
Josh Marcus
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Sessions will testify on Russia, but he might not do it publicly

Alex Lubben
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LIVE: Watch US Intel Chiefs Testify About Trump and Russia

Four top intelligence officials will go in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday—a day before James Comey's own blockbuster hearing.
VICE Staff
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U.S. spy chiefs are ducking questions about Trump and Russia

Alex Lubben