Roger Goodell


Roger Goodell is Once Again Full of Shit

During Super Bowl LIII media availability, the NFL commissioner told reporters that if teams thought Colin Kaepernick could help them win, they would sign him.


The Colin Kaepernick Case Just Got Interesting

Kaepernick's lawyer Mark Geragos went on CNN and said the collusion case was about to "take a dramatic turn" and that someone may be willing to "dime out" the NFL.


NFL Survey: Majority of White Fans Favored Disciplining Anthem Protests

According to a report in Yahoo, the NFL commissioned a poll on a host of topics, and the results showed a "deep racial" divide across the fanbase.


Trump, Pence Revel in "Win" Over NFL Anthem Protests

The Vice President of the United States tweeted "Winning" alongside a screengrab from Very Fake News CNN and the President retweeted it.


New NFL Rule: Players Must Stand for National Anthem

The NFL's new anthem rule will penalize teams if everyone on the field does not stand for the anthem, and allow Roger Goodell to discipline players any way he wants.


NFL Floats Remarkably Stupid Idea to Stop Anthem Protests

They are considering penalizing teams 15 yards if a player kneels during the national anthem.


NFL Owners Scared Shitless by Donald Trump's Response to Anthem Protests

Patriots owner Robert Kraft was very concerned about his close friend's "horrible and divisive" words and did not think his "mission" was in the "best interests of America."


Vince McMahon Officially Bringing Back XFL

There will likely be a rule preventing player protests during the national anthem, but McMahon said he would welcome Colin Kaepernick to the league.


The NFL's Impossible Mission: Making Us Feel Less Guilty About Watching

What we really want is for it to be palatable to watch 300-pound men give each other brain damage each week.


Steelers' Mike Mitchell Calls Out Goodell, NFL Hypocrisy on Player Safety

In a (very convincing) rant, Mitchell advocates for more clarity and consistency when it comes to punishing violent hits. And to cut out this double standard bullshit.


Jerry Jones to Goodell: "Kraft is a Pussy Compared to What I'm Going to Do"

We got a glimpse into the Ezekiel Elliott suspension phone call that was every bit "old man fight" that you thought it would be.


Goodell Celebrates Legal Win with Fireball Shots in NYC Dive Bar

I mean, I expected Jager Bombs, but whatever.