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Why 'Skyrim' Forever Remains in the Shadow of 'Morrowind'

Fans of The Elder Scrolls maintain the third game is the series' best—and its makers have paid attention since the missteps of 'Oblivion.'
Jim Trinca

​I Taught Divination at a Real-Life Wizard School

The blockbuster LARP New World Magischola offers hundreds of players the chance to live out their wizarding fantasies (and teaches the power of consensual play).
Alex Roberts

A Look Back at the Folly of ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’

The video game movie was a box office bomb for Square, and a disaster for the Final Fantasy franchise. But could history repeat with 'Final Fantasy XV'?
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Role-Playing Games Have Been My Life Before I Even Knew What They Were

How I discovered the joys of a sometimes confusing, often trope-ridden genre.
Ian Dransfield
VICE vs Video games

The Greatest Moments of ‘Final Fantasy,’ Part 2

More selections of memorable excellence from the vintage role-play series.
Aoife Wilson
the vice reader

Talking Video Games and Ghosts with John Darnielle

I recently emailed with Mountain Goats mastermind and Wolf In White Van author John Darnielle about his new book, his history with gaming, haunted feelings, and much more.
Blake Butler
the vice reader

An Excerpt from John Darnielle's 'Wolf in White Van'

John Darnielle, best known as the guy behind the Mountain Goats, just came out with a book about a dude with a fucked-up face who runs role-playing games by mail. It's pretty good!
John Darnielle

Dungeons & Dragons Has Caught Up with Third-Wave Feminism

The newest version of the game encourages players to think critically about gender as a historical construct at the same time that they’re deciding whether to be “Quarion the elvaan druid” or “Havilar the dragonborn sorcerer.”
Cecilia D’Anastasio
The Creators Project

'This Must Be the Only Fantasy' by Rodarte and Todd Cole

Magical realism, 1980s video games, and haute couture come together in a new film collaboration between fashion house Rodarte and filmmaker Todd Cole, produced by The Creators Project. This Must Be the Only Fantasy stars Elijah Wood and is a VFX...
The Creators Project