Ronald Reagan


The Violence Central American Migrants Are Fleeing Was Stoked by the US

We're still dealing with the aftermath of atrocities committed by US allies in Central America during the Cold War.


The Media Never Questioned Reagan's Sanity Like It's Questioning Trump's

Donald Trump has said the latest attacks on his competence were out of the "Reagan playbook," but that's not the case.


How Trumpcare Could Cause a New Crisis in America's Emergency Rooms

If the AHCA becomes law, more uninsured people could crowd the country's ERs and rack up impossible-to-pay medical bills—which would be bad for patients, hospitals, and taxpayers.


How U2's 'The Joshua Tree' Already Understood America's Turmoil 30 Years Ago

The often-maligned band's most famous album is a relevant critique of America as a false prophet.


Why Ronald Reagan Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Punk Rock

In the 1980s, all you needed to be a hardcore band was two chords, an attitude, and a drawing of Ronald Reagan with a Hitler mustache.


Listen to the Reagan Administration Laughing at the AIDS Epidemic

Newly-discovered audio recordings from White House press conferences show Reagan's press secretary laughing off AIDS and making fun of "fairies."


Bruce Campbell Will Never Die, But You Will

The iconic cult actor is starring in a new Evil Dead show and is playing Ronald Reagan in Fargo, but he's still not famous enough for people to go through his trash.


What Ronald Reagan Teaches Us About Donald Trump

Demagogues are only a joke until they win.


What the Rest of the World Thinks About the Republican Party

Basically, the rest of the world sees the GOP as that drunk, bigoted uncle you don't hate as much as you should.


A Brief History of Musicians Telling Politicians (Republicans) to Fuck Off

God bless the epic slapdowns of politics.


A Conservative Politician in the UK Borrowed from 'Trainspotting' in a Speech

Chancellor George Osborne borrowed he language from Irvine Welsh's novel, and the author responded by telling us he's a "fucking twat."