A Song of Ice & Fire

'Game of Thrones' Is Turning Into a Generic Video Game Plot

Increasingly, ‘Game of Thrones’ has taken storytelling cues from video games like 'Mass Effect' and 'The Witcher.'
Matthew Gault
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Rick and Morty Are Going on a 'Dungeons & Dragons' Adventure

The ultimate nerd TV show and the ultimate nerd role-playing game are about to enter the same dimension.
Beckett Mufson

Why 'Skyrim' Forever Remains in the Shadow of 'Morrowind'

Fans of The Elder Scrolls maintain the third game is the series' best—and its makers have paid attention since the missteps of 'Oblivion.'
Jim Trinca

Writing Sex Scenes for ‘The Witcher 3’ Was More About Characters Than Carnal Kicks

Ahead of 'Blood and Wine,' here's a look back at what made Geralt's between-the-sheets encounters as memorable as his monster slaying.
Mike Diver

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Isn’t Just a Video Game—It’s a Whole New Universe

Released on September 30, Square Enix's new RPG is supported by a movie, an animated series, and more.
Mike Diver

You Thought ‘Dark Souls’ Was Tough? Try Being the Guys Behind Its Official Guide

We spoke to Wil Murray and EpicNameBro about creating guides for the most notoriously bastard-hard gaming series on the planet.
Ben Oliver

'Dark Souls III' Director Hidetaka Miyazaki on How the Franchise Has Reached Its Turning Point

This is the end of days, but the game's director wants to assure us that there is beauty beyond the decay.
Sayem Ahmed

After Several Years of Struggle, I’m Ready to Admit That ‘Dark Souls’ Has Defeated Me

It's the best video game of all time, apparently. But I've tried and failed to get ahead in FromSoftware's notoriously difficult adventure.
Sean Cleaver

We’re Divided on ‘The Division,’ So Here Are Our Pros and Cons

With its beta behind us, it's time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of one of 2016's most-hyped games.
Danny Wadeson and Sean Cleaver
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A Blind Man Has Finally Completed ‘Ocarina of Time’ After Five Years

Terry Garrett has slain Ganon without even seeing the Zelda antagonist.
Mike Diver
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'Paper Jam' Is a Warming Mario Adventure to Chase Away the Winter Chills

While it's not up there with the plumber's very best, this 3DS RPG is a colorful delight that revels in just being a game.
Mike Diver
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‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Is 2015’s Most Eye-Popping Open-World Game

Monolith Soft's epic-scale JRPG looks and feels entirely unlike any other game out there, and is well worth taking a chance on.
Sayem Ahmed